Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I've been struggling with my maintenance for some time now, and it's gotten to the stage where it's not maintenance any more, I need to get back into the mindset where I have nearly a stone to lose to get back to my comfortable weight.
For the last few weeks I've been trying to propoint, but I know I'm not in the mindset to lose it.I start the week brilliantly, one thing puts me off and then I think "ah well, I'll just continue making the bad choices" which I know is ridiculous. And frustrating because this time last year I would have just put it behind me as soon as it was done and gotten on with it.

I am incredibly stressed out with university. I have an obscene amount of work to do in the next 2/3 weeks and I have no clue how I'm to do it, let alone find the time to do it.

I need to incorporate exercise back into my daily life, but when you factor in the exercise, the time it takes getting ready and then showering it's simply too much for me at the minute. I need my chill out time where I watch the tv and lie on the sofa doing nothing with my brain. I obviously have to go to work and I need the few hours socialising (which lets face it is a coffee in starbucks) with the besties every week sometimes month. I can't even read for fun at the minute, I have a stack of magazines I've been wanting to read for months and still haven't found the time to read them. I mean this amount is sick.


So I've thought up a plan. This week, I'm not counting points, I'm going to ease myself back into it because there's no point saying it can wait until my thesis is handed in, goodness knows what kind of damage I'll have done by then. This week I'm going to focus on making good decisions and good choices. Trying to perhaps walk more? I'm digging out my pedometer to be able to track daily steps.
Next week I'll get back to actually counting points, but for now I need to be able to make good decisions without beating myself up about the numbers. I'm still going to write down what I'm eating.

Another big thing I need to address is my snacking. My snacks have turned into treats, and that's obviously not the best thing. So I need to sort that out too.

Ok, I feel a bit better for letting that all out. And half organising my thoughts 'on paper'. Wish I had more time to actually think it all out.

I'll see if I can sneak in an update on how this week goes next Tuesday.

Sarah xx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

July Holidays 2011. Photopost.

Hi there, just a wee photo update because I've been really busy over the last month or so and will continue to be so over the next month too so not sure when I'll have the time to update.

So for most of July I was away. Firstly we escaped the crazy dangerous place that is Belfast over the 12th of July by going to Newcastle, this was originally to go and see Blink182, but they cancelled the gig a few months ago and we had already paid for flights etc. so we went anyway. It was a nice enough wee trip. But I don't think I'll be back there in a rush. It's been 6 years since I was last there, I could happily wait another 6 to return.


We went to St. James Park (Newcastle FC football ground) and had a tour which was fun and interesting, here's me in the away teams changing rooms.


And giving a press conference.


We ate and drank a.lot. during this trip.



I have far too many pictures to share so you're only getting a few for each trip.

Next trip we done was a long drive to County Clare, where the majority of my family live. It was the first time I've drove this journey. Took me 9 hours including  breaks - lunch in Eddie Rocket's yay!

This is me and Gav at Spanish Point. He didn't get out of the car this day. It was too cold.



We also drove to Galway to visit my uncle and his family. Got to play with all of their cool toys.


And have a wee jaunt out to the pub where the quiet man was shot. I haven't been there in ages, last time I was there it wasn't even a shop.


Had coffee seeing as I was driving, loved the tea set.


Provisions for the drive home.



Also got taking this guy home too (my brother)



The next day was my birthday, and we went to Castlewellan for archery and canoeing. It was a horrible day weather wise, I was travel sick and very stuffed up with hayfever. I looked like a heroin addict but it was great fun as normal.



Loved the canoeing considering the water was so choppy, but we had lunch on one of the wee islands which broke up the pain of rowing in the wind / strong current / rain.

Here's one of the many pictures of our wee island.


Then that evening we went out for dinner, so yay for getting dressed up!

My new irregular choice bag


thank you sister


Posey :)


Birthday Cocktails



Being silly




Birthday cake... looks like it's going to go on fire doesn't it?


And then another plane trip, this time to Malaga, Spain


and a drive from malaga to Estepona - driving on the other side of the road is freeking scary and I wasn't even driving, I was just sitting in the front.


The trip was absolutely AMAZING. I loved it. So much. Words won't convey how much I loved it. Hundred of pictures taken, here's just a selection. The resort we were in was very self-contained and it was great during the day, we drove to local towns in the evenings for some exploring, though twice we made the mistake of going out in the height of the heat, when everything was closed and I get overheated and grumpy with heat exhaustion.

The pool bar was my friend




I adored the sea, wouldn't go near a pool when the sea was just as close.


Posey posey


Book and beer <3


Going out one evening





Mini golf with the inlaws, though to be fair, I died of heat exhaustion 2 holes in and sat in the shade with my big hat craving more water.



Heading out another evening.


This was our wee street, at the bottom of it there was the pools and then the ocean <3





And then unfortunately we had to come home. Gutting.

So that was July. August will consist of a lot of stressing and complaining as my Masters thesis/dissertation is due in the first week of September and I still have a very large word count to make up. I'll try update in the mean time if I get a chance, but don't hold your breath.

Sarah xx