Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Checking in

As promised I am checking in with my weigh in and my activity.

I decided not to hold off until after my birthday and just dive in with a bit of extra activity. I have a plan and I am hopefully sticking to it, yesterday was day 1 and it was sore. 29 more to go!

Walking wise I am pleased with my week. It has been one of the highest mileage weeks I have managed in quite a while! 25.87! And that was with me forgetting to put it on myself on Saturday (though I doubt I walked much then. I stayed in all day)

Food wise I remained in my points but completely pillaged my weeklies, normally I only dip into about 10 of them but with the world cup final I decided to let go (but still point it all) with all my activity points I was well within points but weightwatchers math doesn't always make sense.

Last week I was overjoyed and somewhat suspicious of my 4.4lb loss.
 Well it wound up turning into a 4.4lb gain this week.

I am disappointed. For the work that has been put in I don't think it is deserved. 
I'm more disappointed because this weekend is my birthday and there will be a few restaurant dinners. I will still point it all, still use my pedometer, and still try to stick to my exercise plan but if I can get a 4.4 gain when I am within everything, goodness knows what next week will be. 

But then I normally see a gain when I exercise. No matter what I do, extra points, less points there's never a consistent loss. 

I suppose I can only keep going, if I don't It will all definitely come back on. 

(And before I get tweets/ emails/ comments. I don't think my body is in shock. I walk quite a bit,  granted this week more than usual but exercise is not foreign to me. At least walking anyway. And the whole muscle thing isn't right. No one gains that much muscle in a week. I shall just have to get on with it)   

Sunday, 13 July 2014

July update

So yet again I have neglected the blog. But for once that is not because I have went off the rails. I haven't. I've actually done really well. I have been tracking everything since January, not a day missed. Even when on mini breaks! And as a result I am down 30lbs with about 20 to go before I hit my goal.
I've managed to fall into a great routine and I use instagram for inspiration these days. 

Anyway, losing weight has proven longer this time round and I think it is for a good few reasons.

1. I'm on a different program, using propoints now as opposed to discover program. I feel like the weight melted off me last time but that is not the case at all this time. I won't be returning to the discover program because I feel in the long run propoints gives me better behaviours and is easier to live with.

2. I am doing it online now. I like the subscription, I like the recipes and I love the android app. Last time I was a student and worked part time so had more time for planning, the app has proven to be my best friend in recent months because my phone is always with me where a paper tracker isn't. But then I don't have the support of a group or the social aspect of it which is sad at times, but I make do. My best friend, mum and sister are all on it (mixture of classes and online) so I still sort of have a group, plus a lovely chum in work who is joining up soon.

3. Exercise. Oh exercise it always comes down to you. I am just not as active as I used to be. And fitting it in with full time work is a pain. I am not one of those people who can exercise at 6am then head to work. Well I am, but I turn into tired, grumpy mega birch for the rest of the day and I don't want to be that person.
I joined a gym last year for the classes and loved it for about a month until all the classes moved times and no longer suited me.
I took up running again this year but gave up after a month because I just don't enjoy it, at all. Not even a tiny bit. I spend the entire time wanting to be back and hating every second. I never got back to that 'runners high' so I stopped. I have only ran for races I have signed up to this year since. (yay shiny medals, will totally run for shiny things if someone wants to reward me ever time haha)
Which leaves me to DVDs. Last time I used a load of these and my ps2 to exercise. I also walked a lot more than I do now. So I have been formulating a plan.

On goes the pedometer. I have a Weight watchers one I bought shortly after the propoints system was rolled out which I never wear because I only wear dresses and skirts (don't own any trousers at all, nor do I want to). It has lived in my dressing table for years but in the last few weeks has been dusted off and worn on my bra strap (lovely lady on Twitter told me her leader did this and I can't believe I never thought to do it before). Worn there it is very accurate, actually more accurate than if I put it on the waist of a skirt plus it is out of sight (it's blue and white so would stick out if worn on waist band). 

SnapChat pic sorry

I have worn it recently trying to make sure I am getting in enough activity as my job is sitting at a desk all day but now I have decided to keep track of my mileage. I'm going to weigh in here and give an update on my miles and how the week is going. I sometimes do that on instagram but a lot of the time don't want to clog up my timeline with weigh in results.
After my birthday I think I might dig out Gillian Michael's 30 day shred. It was a tough DVD which might give me a boot to get moving again. 30 minutes a day isn't that bad.
My next goal is to lose a further stone (14lbs) by the end of September and hit my goal by Christmas. Which I think is realistic if I stick to it. I have an entire wardrobe of beautiful dresses I can't fit into any more and I really want back in them.

Attitude wise I still think something has clicked in me. I feel great about myself now, my body at least. Where as last time round when I was this weight there was definite self loathing happening and punishing myself if I dropped the ball. Now I am disappointed in myself if I do that, but it is tracked, no punishment needed and I continue on.
I got a new bikini last weekend and I feel great in it. And despite my issues with my tummy I won't be wearing a tank over it. Lots of little progress can be found but really must work on the exercise.

I will get there. I have done it before and I can do it again.

Now if you will excuse me. I am about to blow all my weeklies on wine and nibbles and enjoy the world cup final!

PS not expecting a loss this week due to a massive 4.4lb loss last week, but still within points and racked up some activity.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

update and april goals

I lost one and three quarter pounds this week bringing my twelve week total since rejoin to 19 and a half. I am quite pleased with this, but part of me wanted to hit the 20lb mark so I could get my new badge reward (for every 10lbs I lose I buy myself a vintage weight watchers brooch)  but that will be something to look forward to next week.

All in all I had a good week. Everything was within points, I planned well, had every day tracked, a few activity points a earned here and there and I am very pleased with my loss considering it was my mummy's birthday and I was on cake baking duty.

April goals I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I want to continue with tracking. I still can't believe I have clocked nearly 90 days of consecutive tracking. That app I use to track is actually perfect motivation for me. I know I keep saying it but it really is! And I want to exercise more. I have started a c25k program again (another post to come) and I am hoping I can stick this one out, I have scheduled at least 30 mins into my week days for exercise and a full hour in the weekend so I am hoping actually putting the time aside and knowing what I am due to do will help me actually stick to it. Little steps!

Monday, 31 March 2014

late weekly roundup

I typed this on Tuesday 25th and forgot to post it. Oopsie.

I have a been a bit annoyed with my weigh in this week.

I lost 0.5lbs, which I know is still good, a loss is a loss and most other weeks as long as I see the number go down I am happy.

But this week I was very strict with myself. I was not allowed any weeklies, everything was tracked of course. But I actually brought exercise back into the equation. Getting 12 weekly points, which I did not eat.

Now I know that it might take a while for it to catch up, but I still find it discouraging on weeks like this. I am an impatient lady, I want results now. I feel worse though because I wanted 1lb so much this week.
I suppose next week will just have to do.

Next week I take my monthly measurements and photos so hopefully a difference will be seen in those.

Positives of this week can be found.
I found an old jumper dress that fits me again!
I bought a new top which I thought I would have to wait a few weeks to slim into, but it fits!
And the big one was that a girl I work with asked me am I losing, it's nice when someone who doesn't know notices my efforts.

Photos of the week are partly from my jaunts around the park, and food.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

February and March Goals Updated

I need more hours in the day, I have a few writing projects on the go and making time for them all is hard.
We have long hit the halfway point of March and I have not even got round to rounding up February and my hopes for March, so here we go.

Tracking, exercise and me time were the biggies and what I wanted to focus on.

Tracking I expected to be difficult because I had a trip away for a wedding as well as Valentine's day to contend with. But with some determination I still managed to track everything. Even on my weekend away I managed to point everything, yes I had a gain but I think if I did not point, it would have been much worse.

I already put up a post about this but I am very proud of my behaviour. Yesterday was St Patrick's day and I managed to have the entire day under points. This is big for me, I haven't been so focused since I joined weight watchers the first time. Managed to lose one pound this week! Yay! Sad thing is losing a point a day, but sure.

Exercise has occurred, but it hasn't been consistent. I am yet to integrate it properly into my life and this is probably what I want to focus on most for what remains of March and all of April.

Me time has also occurred, I have been able to work on a wee writing project and I have been gardening so that has been good. I am hoping to start to get some long walks soon with my camera now that better weather should be coming in but we shall see.

I am ridiculously messy but I like this, it is therapeutic.

I don't think I actually wrote my weight aims last time but I want to average 5lb loss a month, I think it is a realistic and achievable goal.

February's loss was actually 7 and a quarter which was brilliant, and March so far has been 6! So I've broken those goals already!

I would like to get a 5lb loss in April, I am conscious that it will be Easter and a birthday to contend with but it is still doable.

Tracking will have to continue, I can't break my streak at this point (seriously that app is great and really appeals to the competitive idiot that is me). Look! I am at 71 days now!

Exercise, I will make more of an effort, I am aware I have had a great loss so far but without exercise this will not continue.

I will write more here! I have a recipe one to post but I want to cook it again to get better photos as I didn't have my camera charged last time.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Improved behaviours

I am proud of myself for a number of reasons today. If you follow me on instagram you will know that I went to my cousin's wedding last weekend. 

I was good all week in the build up but once there... well there wasn't all that great a choice. So I did what I always do and only ate what I felt was worth the points (that meant me leaving dessert, that part was not good)
And wine. Let us not forget the alcohol. Irish wedding and all that.

Now normally when these types of things happen I do two things.

I stop pointing. Logic being, oh. I have went over my points, so I may as well keep going. Stupid logic. But I do it anyway.

Not this time.

This time I tracked it all. Granted there was a lot of guessing and estimating going on but I still think I managed to get everything down. Partially because I am on such a pointing streak now. I don't want to break it.
I also rarely do the weigh in when I expect it to be a gain. I don't like the negativity. So I skip it a lot of the time.
But not this time.

As a result of the weekend indulgences I was of course expecting a gain. And I got it. Up one and a half pounds.
But I am proud of myself, and quite shocked at how positive I still feel regarding the whole rejoin.
I am hoping by weigh in on Tuesday I will be down that pound and a half. I've did it before. I can do it again!

Only pictures I have are the small amount on my phone, I have more trapped on my camera but no computer to set them free (blogging from the tablet).

Make up done by my sister (who is an actual qualified makeup artist) and lippies is from sephora, it is my all time fav. Apply once at 10am and apply second time at 7pm, that is all. Does not budge.

This is the only full length picture I have of my dress. Lindy bop with irregular choice shoes and bag. Love my hair in this picture.

I changed dresses later into the evening because I was thinking I might have flashed someone with the red dress, so this is me and Gav being daft ,on my cousin's camera.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The weightwatchers magazine and me

I have a crazy love hate relationship with the weight watchers magazine.
I am a subscriber, so I pay the one off amount a year (most recently one amount for two years) and have the eleven issues a year posted to my house which I normally get a day or so before it hits the shops. I have been doing this for three years.

Some things have been bugging me though, despite being loyal enough to buy in bulk and have it delivered, sometimes when weight watchers decide to give out free gifts with the magazine, (I've seen samples of products, like sweets or bars, or, I think I've seen the calendar once.) they don't include it if you have a subscription. To my mind, not very fair.

The main thing that is bugging me however is their success stories, it has been ages since they have actually inspired me, now I know a lot of that is my frame of mind. But when I can find certain people on the internet with brilliant success and stories I expect to find something similar leaking into the published formats. But recently, nothing, no women in the magazine for a long time have made me go, wow.
Men have been a different thing, I like how every now and then they seem to have a special on a few men, for the most part I have enjoyed their stories and thought them a great inspiration to me personally.
But I was having a conversation with a few ladies last week about the magazine, not just weight watchers, but similar magazines and one thing we have all been irritated by is the actual figures, not figures as in they have awesome figures (which most of them do), but actual numbers.

The numbers on the scales aren't big, like only losing half a stone, now that's brilliant for the individual. Well done on his or her achievement. But it's when the person isn't actually over weight in the first place, loses a stone and then talks about their success that can be... well boring? to those who have lost 20lbs and still have maybe 10+ to go. I have mentioned the fat I have been working on this post to a few people, asked opinions and have had almost everyone make the same comment, "good for her, but she wasn't overweight to start with".

What I think would be nice is some interviews with people in the middle of their journey as well as those who have hit goal and that doesn't happen much. That rarely occurs.

The magazine isn't all that bad now, if it was I wouldn't be such an addict. It changed early last year into a different looking format which took a while to get used to, I think they have the balance just right though. Dedicating a nice amount to books and fashion as well as recipes and the usual articles on health and success stories. There is only one section which is probably only about 1% of the entire magazine that I have no time for and always skip over.

The recipes though... I have some crazy, crazy love for them. Possibly directly related to the crazy love I also have for the food network... But that is a whole other post in itself.

They're awesome, they vary, they look awesome and I just love them.

I don't actually cook them much though, a lot of the time I thumb through, enjoy them for a few fleeting seconds and they join the ever growing pile.

Not only do I have a bit of an addiction to the UK magazine, but I am also very fond of the US version, which is extremely different to the UK. Although I think I enjoy the US version more (although this could be me just enjoying the idea that it is an exotic treat I get when some of my lovely friends go over to the states), I think those with access to the UK version have better value for their money, it is bursting with recipes and helpful articles in comparison to the US version. But I still like seeing the difference and how the plan is across the pond.

I was moving the huge pile of the magazines that chill out in my tearoom and I thought how sad it was that I don't actually cook out of them all, so I have decided to give myself a challenge.

There will be eleven issues this year, I already have received two. My plan is to make at least one recipe from each issue. And maybe (hopefully) blog about it.

That way I don't have to feel bad that I am paid up for another 18 months to just glance over the same kind of stuff. And perhaps I shall fund some hidden gems that will become new staples! So post its and sticky tabs at the ready!

(weigh in is tomorrow! wish me luck!)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Goals

How on earth is it February already? It is frightening how quickly this year is flying in already.

So new month means new goals.

1. Tracking, for me this is always a necessity. I don't track and everything goes out the window. Like some of the lovely ladies on twitter and instagram I use an app as a wee boost to record how well I am going, a habit tracker, as well as the weight watchers app to actually track. I need to keep doing that.

2. Exercise, I said before how I want to integrate this into my life. I'm starting to do this and enjoying it, I want to increase it to a point where it is beneficial for weight loss as well as stress relief. I think I want to run again, so I am going to try it.

3. Me time, what it says. Taking care of me. I have been doing a fair bit of yoga recently and I feel so good from it, nice long baths and reading time. Me time is fun time.

I am having a clean start, I only worked out last night that I can actually delete my weight history on the weight watchers app. I like this, I like I can get the same encouragement and goals I did last time and take with me the lessons I learnt from last time.

I had weigh in today and am down another 2lbs! 
That's 9 in four weeks. Massive for me :-)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Better place


It's been a while, about six months since I last wrote. And to be honest my domain name was up for renewal at the end of January and I nearly let it go.

But then I decided, maybe one more year. See if I can get back into the blogging thing. I've been writing elsewhere for the last six months.

So what is new?

I've rejoined Weightwatchers. Again. Having put on... well a lot more weight. But I'm in a better place this time. What I wrote about last July, I have implemented it a lot.
And so it just made sense to properly return to Weightwatchers now. Online and with one of the besties.

And so far it has been quite successful. Tomorrow is my 4th weigh in, but as of last week I  have already hit my first silver seven! Quite a lot further to go. But I did it before. I will do it again.

zero point soup!

5propoints each... but worth it

You don't want to know the point value...