Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Weigh-in 9! 2 stone lost!!!

After Saturday's boldness with the riesen bar I got right and angry at myself as you can probably see from the last post. I truely hated the idea of going so high on my points allowance over a bar of chocolate that wasn't even all that nice. I wouldn't have cared half as much if it was a wispa or something I would have actually enjoyed! I did a lot with the eyetoy on Sunday, I also ran / walked for quite sometime on the treadmill. On Monday I played actual games, not the kinetic, but the silly childish games from eyetoy3 with Gavin and had a complete giggle and on Tuesday did the regular kinetic training and a run on the treadmill and 15 mins on my exercise bike.

The guilt of that riesen bar really ate at me for not enjoying it. And on Monday night we added to it by buying a takeaway for dinner. I went for a pitta bread (3points) filled with chicken (2.5 points), veg (free) and garlic mayo (guessing about 8points) but I hadn't eaten much else that day so it wasn't too bad. And because I enjoyed it, the guilt wasn't half as annoying.

I keep doing these sneeky at home weigh-ins with my own (weightwatchers brand) bathroom scales. What annoys me about these scales is that some weeks they seem to be out by a pound or two compared to the ones I use at the weigh-in. And I weighed myself before I went to last nights weigh in and was utterly devastated to see that I'd only lost 2lbs over the week. I worked so hard and really wanted to push myself to the 4lb point, mostly because that would mean I've hit the 2stone mark.

I went over to the meeting not at all amused with myself. But at least happy that I've lost 2lbs.

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I didn't lose 2lbs, I actually lost 4.5!!!!

I was floored when I realised that. And I'm now making a resolution that I will not weigh myself up to 24 hours before the proper weigh-in.


So I got my newest sticker! Four silver sevens!!! to represent my two stone mark. and weirdly I got this wee blue stone! Which apparently you get for every stone that you lose. I didn't get one for my first stone which is a bit frustrating, most of you know how I loke to collect wee things and I like keeping them all together, I was going to ask Jackie (my leader) for my other stone, but I was talked out of it. Meh. I will however somehow find another one of those pebbles to put with my new one so I will have a wee collection going :)

Decided to keep it in my purse so everytime I open it to buy something bold it might make me think twice!

Other congrats go to the best friend who joined last week who has lost 8lbs in her first week! Go you!!!!!!

Finally, regarding the weigh-in, I'm going to do a re-cap, as it's been a few posts since I last did one.

Week 1= Inital starting weigh in

Week 2= -9.5lbs!

Week 3= -2lbs

Week 4= -5.5lbs

Week 5= -1.5lbs

Week 6= week off for easter

Week 7= -2.5lbs

Week 8= -3lbs

Week 9= -4.5lbs

So very pleased at my over all progress, can't believe how well weightwatchers is working considering how sceptical I was in the first place.

My aim now is to lose another stone by the first week of July, my graduation (hopefully!).

The dress I initally bought for it no longer fits! So new shopping will have to happen!


Before I go and make lunch (Jacket potato, Low Low cheese and reduced fat coldslaw)

I had someone who reads this blog and sometimes my twitter feed, though she does not have twitter herself and she was talking to me this morning about how she just doesn't understand my need to share on twitter.

My answer to her is that, for me, twitter is one of the most valuable resources that I have. It's helpful that I know five other individuals, all using different methods (slim fast, celebrity slim, general calorie counting and weightwatchers) to lose weight. But other than that it's a community of people who're all just nice and supportive and it's great being told ever week by so many people "well done". I think group support is the only way to do anything right, probably why weightwatchers is working so well for me.

I also don't like facebook. It's way more impersonal than twitter, which is why I don't really use it, I have no pictures or videos on it and I have limited information about me on it too.


Anyway, that's about it for now!

Heading out tonight to see Mark Lanegan! Quite excited!!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Seriously bad Saturday

I hate Saturdays. They are by fair the worst day in the week. And I think that's because it is the one day I have a full day of work in the sweet shop. Bordom used to mean munching. But as I stated in my last blog, I think I had the control down by now.

So I thought.

Yesterday was a bad day. Nothing bad happened or made me want to be bold, but I was anyway and overall throughout the day went half a point over my allotted daily point intake, that's not a lot to most of you, but I never ever do that. I usually save at least four with intentions to never use them. So I'm really quite disappointed in myself.

it started absolutely grand, cereal and coffee for breakfast, but then came the Riesen bar. Evil temptation.


I'd never even tried one before yesterday and to be fair, it was nice, but not all that nice. Not nice enough to eat it all. And yet I did.

And the guilt stayed with me throughout the day, the stressful day in work (I'm seriously not cut out at all for retail. I hate people), went home, had dinner and had three drinks, all of which made me go over and into that extra half a point.

I think I'm more annoyed because I wanted to lose 4lbs this week and make it into my 2stone mark, but apon doing my own sneaky at home weigh ins I don't think that will happen this week.

Even still the determination, spurred on perhaps with yesterdays guilt and watching the London Marathon on TV this morning made me get ready for a treadmill ruin, not an outside run because there are too many people out running today.


I've decided to try and get some full body pics every now and then so I can get track physically how I'm changing, I know I've lost 5 inches around the waist  but I've no pictures to really see the change, so going to try that for a while. (excuse the severe mess of room, which has since been cleaned)

And todays wee work out involved my ps2 eye toy kinetic (screw all you with your wiis and your money, I'm a student with jack all!) though to be fair to the eyetoy kinetic it is super fun.

This fella on youtube (link opens in a different window) is actually playing the combat game I was playing today, though he is obviously playing a lot better than I can, he also has a huge room while I have just my livingroom.

After eyetoy time I ran a mile on the treadmill


Love my treadmill but very annoyed how much it took out of me to get the run done in just under 10 minutes. I was completely knackered.

I might try a wee cycle later, after I finish cleaning my neglected house and I'm definately doing two miles tomorrow plus something else yet to be decided.

Next blog will probably be Tuesday, weigh-in day, and we'll see if I managed the 2stone by then (Betcha I'll be about 0.5lb off the 28lb mark!)



wee edit in here:

I'm still hopeful about Tuesday and I'm not letting the badness of yesterday deter me. Going to work extra hard now to make up for it!


Second wee edit:

A further thing to piss me off with the Riesen Bar was that it had no nutritional values to it! OK, I did have it down for 4points (the bar) but after my friend Anna asking I realised I'm sure I could google the nutritional value right?

And I did, to find out that it is in fact only 3.5 points! Yay! (See

So over all I actually came in on target! Awesome!

Friday, 23 April 2010

There was a few questions I got emailed or tweeted after yesterdays blog. The first being the two rude girls I have the dislike for, and no! they weren't there!!! Another possible contributing factor to why I enjoyed the meeting so much on Tuesday. There were the other two, but I can deal with them :)

Another question I've gotten from someone is "do I find it hard to stick to?" And honestly yes, at the beginning, but obviously on the programme over two months now and it's a lot easier now. I think I read somewhere that it takes 28 days of doing something for it to become a habit and I think that's the way things are for me because although sometimes I am wanting to just eat everything in the sweetie shop I work in, I've actually been incredibly good!

Anyway, this post is for Claire who asked me to pretty please come up with a list of food I would recommend seeing as she's a new start and a bit overwhelmed.

Starting with something bright, Gavin bought me new flowers:


My scales are the most important thing in my kitchen 'cus I quite suck at working out weight and portion size. Both bought in asda living and for not all that much if I remember.


These tuna tins are possibly my favourtie weight watchers products ever, I think I've tried the majority of the flavours, the best being the tomatio and herb (pictured) followed by the thousand island, the mayo and sweetcorn isn't the best, but it's quite good in a toastie.


The tuna tins are simply brilliant spread across two cracker bread!


I love bread, but I can't bare to give the points to regular bread, or even the weightwatchers bread when I can get this. Lovely for a sandwich, great for toast or a toastie though you need to keep a good eye on it as it burns quickly.


Miso Soup, handly and yummy, half a point too :)


I like soup a lot, so had to try these. The regualr tomato soup is lovely, just like the normal heinz soup, I'm not sure if it was the tomato and herb or the tomato and basil soup that was horrible. The chicken soup is also really lovely, I haven't got round to trying the mexican spicy bean. Though may have it later.


The below three all have half a point for every 2/3 slices. Yay for low point sandwiches.


General good lower point butter that still tastes good.


Best cheese in the world! currently on offer in tesco for a pound a packet. 1.5points a slice and still retains the taste of good cheese :)


I normally buy the greek yogurt version of this which is beautiful, but lifted the wrong pot, though this is stioll quite nice, love dipping chopped fruit in it.


Self-explanatory this one isn't it? Normally go the extra lite, but this one was half price. So that won me over.


I'm not one for milk, apart from in the cereal and this is the lowest I can get point wise, Gav uses it in his tea and cereal and would drink a glass of it without complaining so must be good right?


I get these from my meetings and I LOVE them. Five in the box and they just taste brilliant. I also got a box of nut bars too, they were also lovely, but not as good as these.


Also really yummy, can't go wrong with cranberry and white chocolate


These were a savory biscuit, possibly with chive in it, I chucked out the box, not too good on their own but lovely with cheese (low fat garlic and herb philadelphia)


Some of you know I like baking, Idon't do it too much now, obviously but have bought these for myself 'cus I have plans this weekend to make cookies for Gav.


Sugar free jelly is 0 points, great to get the wee pots, but got these to try out, so far only had the raspberry and it was great too!


I sickened myself with Special K so have started this, so good :)


I know I've been really positive so far because everything I've had so far has been quite good. This dressing however was horrible, too thick, too cheap tasting. I was not amused! DO not waste your money!


Adore the weight watchers summer fruits yogurts, you get four in a pack, one of each, strawberry and raspberry (0.5points per pot) and black cherry and peach (1pont per pot)


Poiint free coat for frying, not that I fry much, but good to make sure an egg keeps at 1.5 points.


These a way nicer than the weightwatcher chips, do love the oven chips, never one for fried ones.


Tried a few of the weightwatchers frozen dinners, beef hotpot and the ocean pie probably my favourite, so good for a quick meal, especially at lunch time in work.


This is brilliant for its price, same reasons as the last one.


Also staples in my kitchen are fresh veg, mostly peppers, jacket potatoes, carrots and chilli peppers, and bags of frozen veg in the freezer are brilliant. Then of course all manners of fruit :)

I don't drink points at all. Helpful that I take my tea and coffee black.

Finally another awesome wee tool i have is a points calcuator, I know you can get them from the meetings and magazines but point a, I spend enough without adding a tenner to get one, and point b. I carry enough in my handbag without adding something else. So after trailing through the internet for weeks on a search for a good app either for my ipod touch or my Symbian 60 Nokia I finally found one. From this site, I'm yet to find one that's decent on the itunes app store.

Speaking of the magazines, they're brilliant and a fantastic wee way to get some inspiration by the way, I thoroughly recommend the magazines.


So now I've a question to you guys, anything I'm missing? Anything at all? Food? Books? I haven't seen any of the books at all, I'll add to this range of my wee reccomendations as I try things.

Hope this helps you Claire! (and others)


Sarah xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

weigh-in 8 & running pictures

Totally aware theat this weigh-in is a wee bit late but this last week i have been completely overwhelmed with uni work, who would have though last semester in final year would be so effing stressful?

Anyway, I think it's been a good week. Well it would be when I go to the weigh-in and I'm down another 3lbs :) So very pleased. Obviously. I wasn't expecting to be down the 3lbs considering I just forgot about exercise for the second half of the week thank you essays, but I did do a lot of Friday so I suppose that must have made up for it. I took pictures when I went on my run around the waterworks on Friday and thought I'd share some. No baby duckies yet, but I'm sure they'll be around soon.

















They were all taken while running hense the sometimes silly camera angles.

I thought I had loads of news to share this week but apparently not, my mind is completely closing up.

I suppose the biggest news of the week is that one of my best friends has just signed up to my meetings, great because I know I've got three others starting, but none are coming to my class despite the fact I keep telling them my leader Jackie is actually one of the best ever. Anyway the best friend has started with her mam and her aunt! I'm very pleased even just so I'm able to see her every week, as we sadly hardly ever get to see eachother.

And I think my final piece of weightwatchers news is that my mam has hitt her 10% weightloss mark and is now at her target weight! Go Mammy!!!! So what she has to do is work out her maintanence plan for about three weeks then she becomes a gold member! So very chuffed for her!

Onto some normal life stuff, uni was an actual bitch this week, I had the mother of all assignments to do, which I eventually did but it took me so damn long to get it in, and I couldn't concentrate anywhere, well to be fair, I did get a lot done sitting outside on the trampoline.


when I wasn't taking photographs of course, the sky looked really really nice that evening so I had to take loads of pictures, it was really odd not getting any planes in the pictures







I expecially liked this next image though it looked better in reality of the clouds reflected in the open window




I was quite pleased withmyself for going for a 1.5 point lunch when I was in uni on Tuesday


But of course the bold lady I am I had to have 2 wispas throughout the weekk and I tried these


which were some of the oddest crisps I've ever tried! And I quite liked them! But they were so very odd, some of them tasted of just garlic butter! And finally before I go and get ready to go to my lectures today, this is my complete new love


It's my reward drink, I'm letting myself have them when I finish something for uni, when I tidy up the house, when i have a good day of exercise, and at no points there's no guilt either! Yay!


Oh yes, I've been asked by a reader would I do a wee review blog on some of the weightwatchers items I've purchased as she's new to the game and not sure where to start, I'm drafting it at the minute so will hopefully be up by the weekend, I'm probably going to add in other healthy options too that aren't actually weightwatchers, but I think are better! So that will be up soon! next uni assignment is a presentation for monday!

Til then,

Sarah x