Catch up and my easter mini-break :)

Right so I haven't really been using this. Did try the video thing but that requires more effort and I prefer writing.

So I'm on week six of weight watchers and so far all is going pretty great!


Week one just gave me my weight

week two I was down 9.5 lbs

week three down another 2 lbs

week four down 5.5 lbs

week five down 1.5lbs

week six down 2lbs!

We obviously had Easter last week so the week six measurement is a weigh in at home thing.

Easter was... Well difficult. I really like my meeting leader. But she's easily distracted I've noticed in the meetings (like myself to be fair)

And to my knowledge, the meeting we were to have before Easter was about chocolate and dealing with cravings (and bread). It pissed me off no end that we started talking about Easter and how everyones routine will be messed up with the break and temptation is everywhere. For three girls to all declare how much they are not tempted by chocolate and can control their cravings. Listening to them I got right and annoyed. I mean you're in weight watchers love.

You obviously are as bad as me coping with temptation and craving. You're overweight and now all I see is a liar as well. That sounds harsh. But I wanted that talk badly. And because my leader skipped on to the bread talk I really feel like I missed out! For the record I can go without crisps easy. Chocolate is my weakness but even still. Now. Three weeks later I'm still annoyed at the selfish attitudes shared by those three girls and I'm sure I'm not the only one in the group who thinks it. I talk to three people in the class and they all thought the same. Infuriating.

Easter was great. me and Gavin went and stayed in the Slieve Donard resort and spa in Newcastle. Just adding some poictures here, some of them you'll already have seen with my twitter account:


Daffodills Gav bought me to brighten the livingroom.



All packed and ready to go!



The front of the Slieve Donard resort.



Generic picture of the sea.



Being silly with the sign.



The first of many bold lunches and dinners.



The first of many bottles of wine



An example of just how differently me and Gavin pack.



Very rich dinner.



The Slieve Donard seen at night time.


View from our bedroom



The Mournes looking lovely.



I got this beautiful brooch at the Dundrum carboot sale on easter sunday



The first of much chocolate.



Generic picture of the sea. I like staring at the sea.




being silly with mini-golf


Me and mini-golf


The only beer I like, first sip reminds me of Rome, every time.


Another bold dinner.


Meeting Hastings, my new rubber duckie, he will feature in a lot of photos from now on. He's sitting beside my vodka and fanta zero, and ontop of my weightwatchers magazine.


My wine, Gav's pint and a lovely fire.


That'll be about all for now. Need to get ready to go to this weeks weigh-in. Shall probably return either later tonight or tomorrow with a new update.





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