Monday, 17 September 2012

Weightwatchers Android App is out!

I honestly never thought that I would be able to do a post about the weightwatchers android app, purely because Weightwatchers has never seemed to care about any customers that use phones that are not apple. They have had a very poor calculator only available to those on only some android phones and nothing, to my knowledge available on blackberry.
Over 2 years I have sporadically emailed weightwatchers asking when will the android app be released (keeping in mind it has been available for a long time in the states) to be told "soon", and even once advised I can use the apple app. I giggled at that, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, why would I downgrade to an iphone for one app?

So, nearly two years on I nearly drop when I leave work, check twitter and see that the android app is available!
And, amazingly, not just on my Galaxy S2, but my HTC Wildfire too! Excellent. Well done weightwatchers! Wee tick for you there! And the old calculator app is now available on my wildfire where it wasn't before! Another tick!
It's not available for my Tablet though, which is odd as it has better hardware and more up to date software than the wildfire, but apparently they are not supporting android 3. So a wee X there.

Installation was, like all apps very easy.
Accept the user agreement, and, if you are a weightwatchers online subscriber (which I am because I can't make meetings anymore) sign in so that you can track.
This is the part that I was most excited for, I have been craving the day where I no longer have to carry around an actual notebook, pen and calculator. I have just wanted to be able to track easily on the go.
You can of course use the app if you do not have a subscription online, but it is a little bit more limited.

Disappointingly, the app itself is just a copy of the one available for iphone/pod/pad. I have used that app in the past and it's a good one. It hasn't translated well to android. It looks blurry on my (large) screen and just isn't as sleek looking as I hope it will be some day.

After a few days of use I've found it not at all practical. Despite my phone being pretty awesome with speed and my network being great with good all you can eat data and again brilliant speed, if I want to put in a food item manually, I have no problem. It's not until I go to actually look an item up in the data base that we encounter major problems, normally where the app crashes and when I boot it up again I have to sign back in and the item I am trying to track never seems to make it into my tracker. Most infuriating, especailly when the ability to track on the go is my reason for using the app, and renewing my subscription to weightwatchers online (which without mobile capability has always been a bit useless for me as I don't manage to get onto my laptop much).

Something else I guess I got to mention is the size of the app itself, quite large, large enough where I won't keep it in my HTC, but because my Galaxy has an obscene amount of room compared to the wildfire, I'm keeping it on that.

Keeping positive about it all, at least there finally is something out there for android users. And it is essentially a first draft, I've sent an email to the developers with the tracking issues I have encountered, and I am hoping that they will be fixed with an update soon.
I will update this review when the app improves.

You can get the app for yourself here, on the android market / play store, and I haven't been asked or paid to do this post. Hate that I have to add that in.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Excuses. Stripping back and starting again.

I will get back into blogging. This is something that I have been promising myself for what feels like years. It's really just been a few months.
I obviously have not been making the time for it. One excuse is that I now work full time. I have a three hour round commute which lets be fair is perfect blogging time... But I get car sick, really bad motion sickness if I go to read or do anything useful with that time. Frustrating. I can not even catch up on twitter in the mornings without the fight to throw up. So blogging is out of the question.
I have also bought a house with the lovely Gavin, one that needs a lot of work to it and that is a bit of a building site at the moment. I am usually tired and fed up of cleaning so have not blogged as a result.
My final excuse is that since moving we made the mistake of taking our virgin media broadband with us. We should have switched to BT. Virgin has a new 'superhub' which is anything but super. The wifi on it won't work. Now if i use a 20ft Ethernet cable i can get it to work on my pc but it won't work on any mobile devise. Very frustrating. Virgin apparently do not support wifi. It works through cable so I should be happy. Now I have managed to get it sorted but there was over 2 months with no internet.
Those are things that for the most part have been out of my hands. Things that I do have full control of is my body. I choose what I do with it and I choose what I put into it and over the last 3 months I have been making excuses for more bad eating. Now saying that I still have managed to lose weight. In 3 months I am down 10lbs. But I know that I can do better, and I will do better. I just really need to organise myself.
I used to be so good at this. And I will be again. I need to strip back and start again. Going right back to the basics. And blogging, it keeps me accountable and I enjoy it.

And yes this is my livingroom

Hello wee blog, hopefully this is me back (again).

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Half stone!

It occurs to me what with the house move and then going on a wee holiday / mini break for Gavin's birthday, I never did give an update on last weeks progress. I wrote this post on Sunday and had blogger set to schedule it. But me being silly, I didn't actually get it posted.

Food wise it was chaos. Turning to a lot of quick and easy foods, although at times I couldn't actually point, I did write down what I was eating to remain mindful.

Exercise wise... well I moved house. That was a lot of moving about. On day 2 of moving I wore my pedometer and clocked 12 activity points, and that was just through walking. I have a strained shoulder so am not allowed to do much lifting over the next load of weeks but did a little and I suffered for it. So much pain.
And it evened out. I still managed a loss of ¾ of a pound! Allowing me to hit my first goal of losing half a stone (7lbs) by Gavin and my sister's birthdays (and also allowing me to feel more comfortable in the dresses I wanted to wear for those occasions!).
So weight loss to date is in 3 weeks 7¼lbs! I got my first new sticker since restarting. Woo!

I am not looking at such a good result this week. I allowed myself to get very caught up in the holiday spirit, but I'll speak about that in the next few days along with the review of the week that just happened.

Adding some pictures of that week now that the big move completed.
A trip with Gav to Ikea

I wish I bought more of this, so so good, sadly no nutritional information so I wasn't sure how many points it is.
We got the keys to our new house! (No more landlords! yay!!!)


Our first meal in the new house was a takeaway.
and then this was a kind of last supper in our old rented house. Lots of funny times happened around this table. I cried buckets leaving the house. Just because it was our first home together, I know this one is going to be even better.


Everyone was so shattered at this point

Mammy and sister

I'm a wreck in this picture. 2 days of moving, a lot of cleaning, my arm still strained (still hurts like hell) and very emotional.

PS. I did weigh in today, like normal, it's been 4 weeks since restarting weightwatchers and I'm hoping to get a post up for last week by the weekend. I do have a new job now so my routine is very disturbed and I still haven't unpacked into the new house, but that's something that I know will happen very slowly, there will be something up soon.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My week, weigh in and tracking

Week In Review
If you follow me on twitter or know me in real life you'll know that I haven't been well this week. I was in hospital and then the doctors over one thing or another last week. And then frustratingly once I got that sorted I've had these odd pains in my arms, legs and head, feels like I'm coming down with something. I'm constantly tired and in two minds whether to go to the doctor or not.

Despite this, I've increased my walking even more. Still not done any structured exercise for nearly two weeks. But my walking is still clocking up activity points.

Food wise, it's been a great week. I've made good decisions throughout the week, keeping within my point allowance and tracking everything. One of my plans last week was to try and eat my points more equally through the day, that has happened to an extent, but it's something I want to work on more.

I'm trying to cut down my spicy food (I eat way too much spicy food) so we had a garlicky stir fry one evening. Yum yum.


I also got this beautiful box of chocolates from Lola Lola, each chocolate is 2 propoints each. Delish, and I've actually had the strength to eat only one or two and put the box away.


Such pretty chocolate! Tastes as good as it looks too!


There was only one day I was in work and was caught of guard with no snacks. Now I know I could have went without until I got home, but my blood sugar would have plummeted and headaches would have happened and I would have eaten nearly everything in the house before dinner. So I pointed half the shop to work out what was cheapest for a quick munch and these were the answer.


Only two propoints each, it worked to stave off my hunger until I got home.

Weigh-In 2
Today is of course also my weigh in day. And I've lost 2.25lbs! bringing my two week loss as 6.75lbs! Extremely pleased considering my first mini goal was to hit my half stone / silver seven by Gavin and Kathy's birthday, which is next week. Totally on track for that, only a quarter of a lb to lose in one week!
Still pleased with using propoints to lose, I don't miss the discover program at all. Now I haven't used a filling and healthy day yet, but that's because I want to focus on getting back into the habit of pointing everything. Which so far has worked quite well.

This weeks meeting topic is tracking for success. Something I know, but it's nice to get a reminder. I know the only reason I have been so successful this last two weeks is because I have tracked everything and honestly. Tracking and portion control are key to any success I get, I might forget to track or weigh portions, but my body doesn't forget.
What also probably helps is that I invested in one of the weightwatchers journals. This one:

So pretty!

It's so pretty, and a good size to just stick into my handbag. If I were to not track one day the pages would look so sad all empty, so I'll have to stick at it.

My aim for this week is to lose half a pound to one pound.
This week will be extremely stressful as I'm moving house this weekend (wee bit sad leaving me and Gavin's first home together, but our second home will be even more awesome). I really need to catch a grip if I stress and not turn to crappy and quick foods. I'll need to keep calm and keep organised. So might make another post about meal planning when you have no fridge, we'll see how I do with my time.

Til then,

P.S. if you have any hints or tips about moving in general / staying healthy and not buckling for takeaways for ease please do either comment or tweet me.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Weigh in and week in review.

This morning was my first weigh in since getting back on track and I had a loss! A lovely 4.5lbs! I am so chuffed with myself over it.

I had a good enough week, so a loss was expected, just not of that size. My first goal was to have lost 5-7lbs by the 8th May, that's the weigh in that is closest to Gavin and my sisters birthday, and today's weigh in has bitten quite a chunk out of it.

The best thing that happened this week is something I can't actually talk about here yet. Hopefully in the next fortnight though.
The worst thing is that I had a little health scare, nothing serious, I'm okay, but it made me a bit iffy about any exercise other than walking this week. I do want to bring up my activity levels to make up for it, so I'm planning to do some gentle cycling over the next week and maybe return to running the following week. I'm still easing myself in though.

The biggest difficulty I came across this week was actually food. I was within my points all but one day (Friday, had champagne, only day I ate into my weeklys and not by much). But then another day I only had about 12 points the entire day. I couldn't physically eat anything that night without wanting to vomit. But that wasn't the problem throughout the week. I didn't appropriately plan my day of food, meaning on some days I was half starving myself for no good reason at all. This is something that never happens with me on weightwatchers. I am very rarely hungry on it. So it's something I know I need to fix in the upcoming week.

So my priorities for this coming week are:
  • to plan and regulate my eating times so I am satisfied the whole day, I only did that 3 days last week. I want to make that everyday, even if it means dipping into my weekly points, that is after all what they're there for.
  • Move more to lose more. Get in at least three gentle cycles along with the high levels of walking I do.
  • And my goal is to lose 1lb.
 All quite do-able.

I took some photos of a few delicious dinners this week I wanted to share, but my silly SD card isn't working and wants to be formatted so alas, this post will be picture-less.

I'm still really positive about being back on plan, and the large loss, has really spurred me on to have an even better week this time. I realised I haven't actually mentioned it yet, but this is my first time using propoints to lose weight, as I originally lost all my weight on the Discover Plan and have used propoints to maintain.

Might squeeze another post in later this week, but if not, I'll be back next Tuesday after weigh in with an update.

Sarah xx

P.S. If you haven't seen it already, I blogged about being in the weightwatchers UK magazine, Does Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred work? My article is now up on the blog!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Does the 30 Day Shred Work? - My Weightwatchers UK Magazine Article

It's taken me a while to put this up but I'm very proud to show off the article I wrote reviewing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred for the Weightwatchers UK magazine!
I wrote about it when it was actually in the shops, (April 2012 edition), and had a lot of my American friends ask for a few scans. The lovely people at the weightwatchers magazine gave me the pdf to add to my writing portfolio so I thought it might be easiest to upload and embed here.

If the embedded pdf doesn't work for you, not to worry. You can view it by clicking the following link: I am ridiculously proud of it.

Things to remember is that when I was following the 30 Day Shred I wasn't really pointing. It was the run up to Christmas and although I had my graduation to work towards, I had a lot of socialising that month.
There's also part of the article talking about the reps in level 3 that I've had a few emails from people asking me to clarify.
Throughout the DVD Jillian never has you counting reps, apart from the odd "4 more!". When I started the 3rd level though I felt like the intensity was upped, perhaps through more reps, perhaps because at this point I was doing the more advanced moves most of the time, perhaps it was just a mental block because the 3rd level was the hardest. No matter what this DVD does work. It was a brilliant damage control over Christmas.
Now that I am back to weightwatchers properly, I plan on introducing scheduled activity in the next few weeks and the DVD is definitely going to be a key part of it.

Any questions, do ask, I'm on twitter, or there's the comments here.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Getting back on Track: Food.

I got my Tesco order delivered yesterday. So thought I'd share what I'm eating for the week. I don't do these kind of posts often because what I eat week on week really doesn't change that much. I eat the same 20 meals over and over again.

One thing I did do this week, seeing as I am back to basics, is that I actually pointed everything in my fridge. Even staples - like this Tesco cheese, which I knew to be 2pp got re-pointed, just in case. And I wrote over them with permanent marker to remind me.

Everything got this treatment.

And as a side note has anyone tried that Philadelphia with the chocolate? I know I'm probably the last to this party but it's lovely. Bit sickening, but yum.

Nothing escaped my calculator and red marker, butter, sauce, milk, cheese, yogurt, mince, turkey, everything got pointed.

In my pointing frenzy I did work out that I have been pointing frozen chips wrong since I started weightwatchers. I've been weighing them frozen but calculating from cooked. So pretty much denying myself a few points. I'm not actually all that sure how to point frozen chips now. How many frozen grams = cooked grams? I'm going to be google researching that soon. Can't believe for two years I've been doing this. Doh!

So, onto my meals.

As always I can't stomach breakfast when I first wake. I have tea or coffee. A piece of fruit and sometimes a yogurt. Weightwatchers summer fruits (2pp each) or my favourite Greek Yogurt (2pp for 100g - Yum yum yum). My selection of fruit this week is the following.

I keep my fruit by the front door so I can grab a piece on my way to work.

All zero points obviously.

I'm also trying to fix my blender (it stopped working a few months ago, someone gave me the idea that it's the fuse, so yesterday I took the plug apart so I can see what the fuse is to replace. Hopefully that will work because I don't want to go and buy another one. So once the blender is done I have mixed frozen fruit in the freezer which I like to turn into smoothies in the morning - and hopefully some home made soups.

My lunches vary, most of the time because they wind up being late breakfasts.
  • Cereal, shredded wheat and porridge mostly. I have both with banana and a tiny bit of maple syrup in my porridge.
  • Baked potato and egg salad. One of my favourites, love baked potatoes. And my eggs were laid by my aunts hens, fun!
  • Eggs and toast, generally boiled or scrambled as they are easiest, but love a poached egg too.
  • Soup.
  • Tuna salad & pita bread.
  • Fish and Chips was last night's meal (breaded haddock), and it will do another. Fish was 7propoints. The chips were only 3 once I weighed them cooked and looked at the actual nutritional value. It was bulked out with vegetables too.
  • Home made burgers from extra lean mince. Works out at 4 pro-points a burger, salad and butternut squash chips (0pp) The burger buns we get are generally 4 pro-points each too. I also add cheese (2pp) and salsa (0pp).
  • Fajitas! Made with diced turkey(5pp), tonnes of spice, tonnes of veg and wrapped up in pita bread this week (4pp each)
  • Spaghetti Bolognese, I make meat balls from the extra lean mince (I work out the points depending on how many meat balls is made). Whole wheat spaghetti (7pp), and a load of veg. 
  • Chow Mien with prawns and wholewheat noodles and veg. Yum yum yum. (When I have this, Gavin has pizza), it'll probably be Saturday, low point dinner normally means a few alcoholic drinks.
  • I have another punnet of diced turkey but I have no clue what to do with that yet. Probably more fajitas or a curry, but I'm open to suggestions if you have any?
A few weeks ago I really tried to stamp out the random grazing I was getting so bad at in work, and I pretty much succeeded. I focused on my meals being full of filling and healthy foods so snacking recently has been quite minimal. I'm hoping to stick with that. I will be carrying fruit, the stuff pictured above, and cherry tomatoes to work so I am not tempted by everything when my blood sugar levels goes down.

Water, tea, coffee, sugar free squash make up the bulk of my liquids each day. I don't like drinking points. And I've alwasy taken my hot drinks black.

  • I have chocolate bars that are 2 points for 4 squares
  • Calorie controlled corn snack crisps (2pp)
  • My Aero Hot chocolate (3pp)
  • Tequila / Vodka (2pp for a single shot measure) and diet Club Orange or my Weight watchers Sicilian Lemonade (loving this stuff), both 0pp.
So that's my food for the week! I'm focusing on my portion control this week and tracking.
Feeling really, really determined.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Being honest with myself

When I first joined weightwatchers, after a few months I became a little obsessed with the numbers on the scales. I wrote this post but despite what I said (which is all true), I continued to become obsessed with the number. Weighing myself far too often. It got to the point where I was worried I was showing signs of an eating disorder. So I stopped. I didn't weigh myself. I focused on non-scale victories and when weighed in meetings didn't think too much about the numbers, just kept trucking.

I stopped my meetings about a year ago due to university commitments (my masters was a lot of work). I still didn't step on scales. I just kept with my process of do I feel happy and healthy, yes I do. Clothes still fit. Happy Sazz.

But recently I haven't been too happy. Just very stressed out with a number of things in my life and I've been comfort eating. Alas. I knew what I was doing and yet I did it anyway.I have seriously totally no idea why on earth I did it, but I have done some serious damage and am substantially above my goal weight.

I mentioned earlier in the week that weightwatchers is in Northern Ireland 25 years and in celebration they are doing an offer where you can rejoin for only 25p! I'm doing this, only for one week though, and that's to make sure my wee weightwatchers file is up to date (there's been two new books on easy start and a book on simply filling released since I last made it to a class). I'm going to be doing the program online, simply because it's cheaper and I really need to keep a watch on my spending (something exciting coming up, hopefully will be letting you in on it in the next 2 weeks!).

Standing on the scales today was probably a good thing. It's really woke me up to my actual weight and not just what I feel I am judging from my clothes. I won't let the numbers be an obsession again, but as my guide as to what I need to be doing. I was reading an article on the weightwatchers website today and it gave the following quote:
"no matter what the number is on the scale, there's always something to learn from it. It's an important moment of truth, but it is just feedback." article link.
It's so true, and something I need to remember. Because the number is important once you let yourself stray so much. And it's time for me to like myself again.

Next post will be about my food for the week (currently waiting on my Tesco order being delivered).
Also trying to work out how to make my weightwatchers article from the UK magazine from pdf to something easily read here.
A picture post of my wee holiday from last week.
Exercise post, what I've done, what I want to do
Tuesday is my weigh in day. Think I'll go back to posting how I've done on every Tuesday and what I want to work on for the next week.

Heck, I'm editing this to add in more truths. I actually cried when I seen the number on the scales today. I can not believe I let myself get to this point. I want to have this recorded because I feel like total crap. And I don't want to anymore, I left feeling crappy back in 2005.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weightwatchers is in Northern Ireland 25 years!

Posting this from my tablet so hope it formats in a nice and legible way.
I just received an email from weightwatchers Ireland to inform me of their latest deal!
If you want to join, or rejoin weightwatchers this week it will cost you just 25p plus the weekly fee!
A brilliant deal, if, like me, you have fallen off the wagon recently and need the structured help that comes with a meeting.
I'll probably be taking advantage of it myself!
You can find your local meetings here:
It's in celebration of weightwatchers 25th year in Northern Ireland!!!
And I can not stress this enough. This is not a sponsored post. I am on their mailing list and thought I would share as I am asked quite frequently how much is it to join/ rejoin and this deal is too good to keep to myself.
Will be posting more frequently soon, back from a wee holiday last weekend, a post on my food planning for the week. And of course, back to meetings!
I will also be posting a copy of the article/review that I wrote for the weightwatchers UK magazine so that all my international friends can see!
In the mean time you get a picture of me on my recent road trip. Posing with sunglasses.
Tad obsessed with sunglasses

Friday, 30 March 2012

Breaking Bad Habits 1

This is the follow up post to Bad Habits. It's taking me way too long to finish this post but here we are finally (a week later).

As I've already said, my main problems (that I've identified so far) are my; Mindless eating; allowing treats become threats and not snacking properly, exercise becoming minimal and a complete lack of sleep.

Last week I was working on portion control and mindless eating and with that tracking came back into my life.
I managed to track an entire week. This is massive for me. It has been almost a year since I last tracked honestly for a full week.


I have finally given up on using the weightwatchers e-source to track. Unless you have an iphone it's impossible to do it honestly, I'd forget by the time I get home, I'd be tracking in a few places and I'd wind up confused, frustrated and I would stop. So I decided to go the old fashioned way and go back to paper tracking. I checked out the official weightwatchers diary type tracking books, and I like them, but I want a certain design, I apparently don't have the choice in my design, so instead I bought the above wee notebook for 99p. Super slim and fits into my purse. Perfect for taking about with me!

Everything that I have eaten has been recorded, absolutely everything. I am extremely proud of myself for managing to do it for an entire week. Even pre-tracking on occasion!
And I've not once felt deprived (of course I hardly ever feel deprived doing weightwatchers, that's why it works for me), but even when it came to treats, I measured them out if they weren't portion controlled, stayed within my points and was happy mentally.

3pp. Yum.

Stef asked me would I stick the point values of the food I post so here we go, some pics of my food through the week.
Most mornings this is a variation of what I first eat. Yoghurt and some sort of fruit, my favourite is a granny smith apple with Greek yoghurt. But I always measure yoghurt so that it is 1pp.


A challenge in work has been that there has been a lot of sweets about. I have managed to stay away thanks to packing fruit and veg with me when I go in. Also moving it away from me so that it is out of site out of mind. Quite proud of myself for curbing the mindless eating in work this week.


On Monday I met Gavin in our local park for lunch before work. It was a lovely day, this was our view.


A new find in my tesco shop was this lemonade. It was lovely, especially with a shot of vodka. - Yes, I did manage to have a few drinks and stay on plan during the week. I've decided to cut out wine for a while. We've become too friendly recently. Of course it also helps that I didn't have much money this week so could only drink what was left in the house.


I had this sandwich with a zero point veg soup one afternoon. Just egg salad in white bread.

6 pp.

I normally buy extra lean steak mince when I want to make burgers, but Tesco didn't have any this week, so I went for Turkey mince instead. It was odd, but great. And a lot more food for a lot less points. These two burgers were only 5pp for both.

Entire plate only 12pp. Oven chips, wholemeal pita bread and mixed salad.

And lunch another day. I love baked potatoes, could eat them every day.

Entire plate only 6pp.

So that's a brief view of how I spent my points this week.

I'm really, really pleased that I tracked the full week, next week I'm hoping to accomplish the same (my weightwatcher weeks begin on a Wednesday, so at the minute I'm three days into this week). Continuing to work on stopping the mindless eating and making sure my snacks are healthy and my treats are actually treats.
Exercise wise, I'm not focusing too much on that at the minute. Perhaps in the next few weeks. I want to sort out the food first and feel comfortable back pointing. I've been wearing my pedometer recently, so most of my activity points have been worked out from that and a handful of sessions on the bike.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

St. Patricks's Day Celebrations

Not that anyone needs an excuse, but I'm actually Irish and I love St. Patrick's Day.
I work Saturdays and booked it off work. The last Saturday I booked off work was the 29th October 2011. So I deserved it. Gavin was free that day so we had an entire day together (it's shocking how little this ever happens).

Basically this post is me throwing my hands up and admitting to the awful eating and lying about, complete with photos.

Starting with the roses Gavin got me.
I'm a sucker for red roses.

And then the shop I work in have gotten these over the last few weeks.

Not entirely keen on the beef ones, the Titanics are yummy though. No clue on the propoint values as I've been very bold and just eaten them.  My calculator is now in my bag though so if I feel a desire to have another packet, it will be pointed.

So on St Patricks Day we went out for Breakfast.
Big pot of tea and water. Lovely.

Waiting for Breakfast:

 We both ordered probably the most unhealthy thing of the menu, but it was pretty much the only meal we had that day. The rest was alcohol, tayto and skittles haha.

Delicious though, despite probably being about 80pp.


We were drinking our home made cocktails all evening. That was the first of an obscene amount.


Cookie dough, because why not?

Imported yummyness

I love baby ruth bars, so glad they're too dear to have too often though.

And leaving you with a wee drunken picture of us.

I know I was awful over the weekend food and drink wise. But pushing the weekend behind me I want to focus on what I said last Friday about working on the bad habits I've picked up again. This week will be better.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bad habits

I've been trying to get back on track and now that I'm back to being mindful about my behaviours I've noticed a lot of bad habits creeping back into my routine.

The biggest one I suppose is portion control. I stopped measuring a long time ago because I got very good at eye-balling measurements. I've tried to go back to basics so out have came my scales and measuring cups. Most of my eye-balled servings have creeped up. I need to address this.

Mindless eating, this is awful, especially in work, where I'm surrounded by bad food and I get bored. Or customers are nasty and a bar of chocolate can cheer us up. No more. A girl in my weight watcher group makes up a 'work survival kit' full of good choices to put in a lunch box for work. I'm going to have to do this.

Treats are now threats. I used to be so good with the distinction between treats and snacks. I'm not any more. I also used to have a treat night which was generally a Tuesday, now I have a few treat nights a week. I need to work out my week and decide what day will be treat night. 
On a related note my alcohol intake has also increased, and it's wine which really bloats me, so that needs checked too.

Exercise, I make these grand plans over what I want to do and when I want to do it and then if I can't do it I beat myself up about it and give up on the rest of the week. It's silly, I mean I know that every little thing I do helps. But I get annoyed and give up if I can't do organised exercise even though I probably earn as much activity points through cleaning the house, walking and working. I can't run much any more because my shins hurt around the 2 mile part so I've been cycling instead. Though I have been given a recommendation for compression sleeves which I'm looking into and will hopefully help.

Sleep. This may seem a bit daft to put in but it's important. I am an awful sleeper. I love my bed, but I really don't sleep well. I've battled insomnia since I was a teen and although it did get better over the last five years, last year and now again this year it's getting worse. Especially with the bright mornings. As soon as that sun comes up I'm awake. I can't get up because I'm completely drained, but I'm awake. This in turn affects the rest of my day. I have no energy for anything. You know the way people complain about getting that S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) where winter depresses them. I often wonder is there a reverse scenario where spring and summer depress people? I'm not depressed at all, but I really do hate the long days of spring and summer and I long for the lovely crisp days of autumn and winter (also prefer autumn winter clothes, layers scarves and hats). I need to train myself to want to go to bed earlier, I need to train myself to wind down in the evening so I can actually sleep at a reasonable time.

I need to take controlled baby steps back to how I used to be. I can't expect to be able to fix all these things in one week. I need to just work at it and when I slip up not to forget about everything but to just pick up and start again. I need to look at every day as a fresh start because I dwell too much on the bad days I have just experienced.

So this week I want to focus portion control and mindless eating. The others as well of course, but my main focuses will be to portion control and curb the mindless eating that happens, especially in work.

Scheduling a blogging hour every Friday morning just to provide updates on how this goes and keep myself accountable. I find the more often I write here, the better my week can be.

'Til then,
Sarah xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm in the Weight Watchers UK Magazine!

I know a lot of you already know this through twitter or flicking through the magazine yourselves, but this month (the April 2012 edition), currently in the shops. I am in the magazine! Not as a cover star sadly, nor as one of the success stories that get to dress up and tell their story (But I will be one day! Positive thoughts!), but as a reviewer!

Last November the magazine got in touch with me asking would I be a "blogger of the month", what it entailed was me to use Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (you can get it for £5 from amazon with free supersaver delivery - price correct as of today 14/03/12) and doing it. Every day, writing notes as you go along, and then I was given a list of questions I should answer and a loose structure to stick to.
It was fun, I like Jillian Michaels, I like her DVDs and I really am honest saying that this one is a good one.
What the magazine doesn't say is that I did this in late November and early December. I was doing a lot of socialising, eating and drinking at the time, and I really think that it was my "damage control" it could have been so much worth my weight gains, it should have been really.

The writer in me is extremely pleased that I had the opportunity, and even more pleased that my piece wasn't too heavily edited, to the point where it wasn't me who wrote it. And that no one from the weightwatchers team took my notes and wrote it themselves (which has sadly happened to me before). It came out perfectly, better than I imagined the final piece and for that I am super grateful to the lovely team.
I've been asked by American followers can I put up a few scans of the article and I will, just once it is out of the shops. I'll scan and upload them to here, so you'll have another blog post about this soon enough!
Until then, here's a few photos of the three page spread!

New post scheduled for tomorrow. Organised specific blogging hours into my schedule so I can keep on track.

I finally just want to say a massive thank you to the weightwatchers magazine UK team for giving me such an awesome opportunity!

And you may have noticed that the blog looks different, that's because I have moved my blog from posterous to blogger over the last few days. For a lot of reasons which I'll delve into at some other point. I'm going to explain how I did it because it took me a few months to work out how to do it myself and google search results were a let down. Posterous are all about importing blogs, but not exporting. This shouldn't really affect any of my readers unless you subscribe to my (very) old URL if you do you're going to need to update it to
As this is a fairly recent switch over some of my old links might not work yet, but I'm working on fixing most of them.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Embarrassing Realisations.

I've been itching to blog about this for a few days.

I have been jumping on and off plan for weeks, and when ever I find myself like this I tend to either read the weightwatchers magazine for a wee bit of a kick, or, more recently, trawl through the internet looking for new blogs. I found this one blog, which I'll not link to. I don't personally know the individual but I read a lot of her posts because she seemed to be in the same situation as me.

Blaming everything but herself for her weight gain and inability to get back to losing. I know at the minute I can't get to a regular class and I depend on the esource. I don't know if this girl goes to classes but I know she is definitely following pro-points like me.

The more posts I read the more frustrated I got with her. She's not honest with her tracking, having good days she'll blog about and then binge days and then wonder why she's not losing weight. She works and has family commitments and is using that as an excuse for emotional eating and not exercising. If that's the case and she's recognised it why isn't she doing anything about it? Why is she blaming other people and circumstances for what she eats. She's a grown woman who decides when and what to eat and is blaming others as if they tie her to a table and force feed her to eat and drink. Seriously?

It got to the point where I said to myself, I can't read this any more. And then came the realisation. She's me haha! I am doing the exact same thing! I have a few good days and then something happens and I turn to emotional eating. I know I'm doing it, about 50% of the time I realise it as I'm doing, the rest of the time it's straight afterwards, it's gotten to the point now where I don't even care that much. The littlest thing will make me skip exercise now. My treadmill can't be used at the minute so if I want to run I have to do it outside, if the weather isn't just right I simply won't run outside. I'm still walking most places of course but recently my time has been very short and I'm having to budget it and exercise hasn't been a priority. I am now making it a priority again. And if I want to make weather an excuse not to go outside, that's fine. I still have a pretty good exercise DVD (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, more on that at a later date), and also the games on the eyetoy I love. No excuses. I'm not going to embarrass myself by blaming anything or anyone but myself for my own behaviour. I am in control of what I put in my body, no one else. I am in control of how I use my body. No body else.

I've had an oddly busy few weeks. My brother's 18th Birthday, Valentines Day, My parent's Silver Wedding Anniversary, Pancake Tuesday and I've used all of these events as an excuse to go off plan and not just for that one day. I have a wedding on Friday to go to and I think that's me event wise for a while.

I'm so glad I found that blog. It was the kick in the head I needed and wouldn't have gotten it from a magazine or a friend. It was something I needed to see myself and is something I am determined to address.

For me being organised is one of my big keys for success, I've started to let it slip. Not just regarding weight management, but a lot of things, so today I'm organising that and reeling myself back in.

As usual to round of this post, here's a summary of the last few weeks in pictures!

We seen the Muppets in the cinema on Valentines (it's brilliant, go see it) And then went home to a candlelit dinner / picnic.


Red Roses





Nandos Lamp


Coke :-)



Sarah xx

P.S. I'm on a twitter hiatus as I just don't have the time to be checking it at the moment. My feed is being updated probably by either blog updates, games I play on my phone or getglue. I'll be back of course, but not for another wee while. I've lots to sort out and twitter hasn't been much of a help.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Update! 6th Feb 2012

Last week was a bit of a bad one. I was super busy, I had an interview that I was in preparation for and then I had work (as normal) and ate out for my brothers 18th birthday (I feel so so old, how can my baby brother be 18?!) and then a Domino's Pizza on the night after my interview. Hoping it went well, but I won't find out until about April time.

Other than the birthday and the treat night, it wasn't all that bad. Just one of those weeks that when I'm bad I'm very bad. It also didn't help that I only tracked about a quarter of the time. This week I really, really, really want to work on the tracking. Because without tracking and thinking back I think I'm being too hard on myself. Yes I had very weak moments this week but the rest of the time I was actually pretty good when I look back at what I have tracked and think about my behaviours in work and meeting up with friends for coffee. I need to track so I can be truthful to myself.

Focusing on the positive this week, I was quite active. Clocking 26 activity points through the week. This week I'd like to at least match that if not beat it. I can track my activity on my phone easily so that's how I know that it was 26 specifically.

To cheer up this post, here is some pictures of the week, mostly from dinner with the family, though somehow I don't have a single picture of my parents, suppose that's 'cus they were on the same side of the table as me.


Me and the wonderful Gav


Birthday boy



My brother is tee-total, so this is me and him toasting our non-alcoholic cocktails (I was driving) and gavin pulling a pretty face.


Main, yum yum.



Sister and brother, seriously iphones are so sucky for taking pictures.


I baked a cake for David.


Coffee and Ferrero Roche in work


Clements with Declan


So I could give him his uber belated pressie.


My newest addiction. Lipton Iced Green Tea with lemon. Yum.


So, aims for this week, track track track. I'm still using the non-counting approach for now.

Keep at the activity, try match last week.

Schedule some more blog time into my week so I can update more here. I do have something very exciting happening in the three or four weeks. So I should hopefully manage a few bits and pieces up. When I blog I always seem to have better weeks.

Must go now, going for a wee cycle.

Sarah xx