Bad habits

I've been trying to get back on track and now that I'm back to being mindful about my behaviours I've noticed a lot of bad habits creeping back into my routine.

The biggest one I suppose is portion control. I stopped measuring a long time ago because I got very good at eye-balling measurements. I've tried to go back to basics so out have came my scales and measuring cups. Most of my eye-balled servings have creeped up. I need to address this.

Mindless eating, this is awful, especially in work, where I'm surrounded by bad food and I get bored. Or customers are nasty and a bar of chocolate can cheer us up. No more. A girl in my weight watcher group makes up a 'work survival kit' full of good choices to put in a lunch box for work. I'm going to have to do this.

Treats are now threats. I used to be so good with the distinction between treats and snacks. I'm not any more. I also used to have a treat night which was generally a Tuesday, now I have a few treat nights a week. I need to work out my week and decide what day will be treat night. 
On a related note my alcohol intake has also increased, and it's wine which really bloats me, so that needs checked too.

Exercise, I make these grand plans over what I want to do and when I want to do it and then if I can't do it I beat myself up about it and give up on the rest of the week. It's silly, I mean I know that every little thing I do helps. But I get annoyed and give up if I can't do organised exercise even though I probably earn as much activity points through cleaning the house, walking and working. I can't run much any more because my shins hurt around the 2 mile part so I've been cycling instead. Though I have been given a recommendation for compression sleeves which I'm looking into and will hopefully help.

Sleep. This may seem a bit daft to put in but it's important. I am an awful sleeper. I love my bed, but I really don't sleep well. I've battled insomnia since I was a teen and although it did get better over the last five years, last year and now again this year it's getting worse. Especially with the bright mornings. As soon as that sun comes up I'm awake. I can't get up because I'm completely drained, but I'm awake. This in turn affects the rest of my day. I have no energy for anything. You know the way people complain about getting that S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) where winter depresses them. I often wonder is there a reverse scenario where spring and summer depress people? I'm not depressed at all, but I really do hate the long days of spring and summer and I long for the lovely crisp days of autumn and winter (also prefer autumn winter clothes, layers scarves and hats). I need to train myself to want to go to bed earlier, I need to train myself to wind down in the evening so I can actually sleep at a reasonable time.

I need to take controlled baby steps back to how I used to be. I can't expect to be able to fix all these things in one week. I need to just work at it and when I slip up not to forget about everything but to just pick up and start again. I need to look at every day as a fresh start because I dwell too much on the bad days I have just experienced.

So this week I want to focus portion control and mindless eating. The others as well of course, but my main focuses will be to portion control and curb the mindless eating that happens, especially in work.

Scheduling a blogging hour every Friday morning just to provide updates on how this goes and keep myself accountable. I find the more often I write here, the better my week can be.

'Til then,
Sarah xx


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