Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The update to rage against the scales

So as you know, last week I was not a happy bunny. The gain I got was huge and really didn't make all that much sense really. So what I decided to do was join the whole #7daychip thing again. This time extremely determined to do it. I would get control back with my eating and I would point everything.

As always, here's some pictures throughout the week.

The week before I was dying for a dairy milk, and when Gav came home with a big bar I near cried. But I had 3 pieces, pointed them, and loved them.


The weather here in Belfast was shockingly nice, and with the amount of uni work I've had to do, it's actually taken me to campus during the day (my masters is all evening classes) so on wednesday after a meeting I had time for my starbucks and banana in the Quad with this view.[[posterous-content:pid___1]]

Before I left I had to go round the front of Queens, I think it's a beautiful building, just to get a shot of it. I love it.[[posterous-content:pid___3]]

Then I got walking home, it's strange how with just a wee bit of sun Belfast can look so nice.[[posterous-content:pid___4]][[posterous-content:pid___5]]

My nana got me a chocolate nest, which I of course worked into my propoints for the day![[posterous-content:pid___6]]

I had a coffee with Anna and Linzi and then they lost the car which was hilarity.[[posterous-content:pid___7]]

Dinner of stuffed peppers and chicken - nom[[posterous-content:pid___8]]

Went to work to see my milk carton was... well...[[posterous-content:pid___9]][[posterous-content:pid___10]]

Dulis (seaweed, I love it)[[posterous-content:pid___11]]

Made this up to snack on in work[[posterous-content:pid___12]]

Got all dressed up for a casino night on Saturday night, I was dying of a cold and after doing a nine hour shift yet managed to get dressed[[posterous-content:pid___13]][[posterous-content:pid___14]]

Pose ridiculously[[posterous-content:pid___15]][[posterous-content:pid___16]]

And get out and stay out til late. was almost 3am when I got home and in bed. It was good for the first part of the night, I was way too tired though to stay out as long as I did so I got awful grumpy towards the end of the night.[[posterous-content:pid___17]][[posterous-content:pid___18]]

I went over on days with my propoints, but never touched my weekly points at any time. Stuck stickly to my activities.

So overall I had a pretty much 'perfect' week. I stuck to the plan, I stuck to my own boundaries, I regained control over my eating. I was quite worried about the scale, but I decided that regardless of what the scale said I would try not to be too disappointed. I know I did well, you only have to look at my tracker this week, so even if it was bad this week, I knew it would reflect next.
Saying that, I stood on the scale this morning to be told I had lost 5lbs! So it all obviously paid off (if last week even was a gain - I'm still struggling with the idea I was so heavy last week, and half doubt I can lose so much in one week)! So that has brought me back into my gold area. I'm very proud of myself for the amount of control I had this week. Glad to see I still have it.

And for completeing my #7daychip last night, today I got awarded with my chip. Here it is! I'm at the bottom - he saved the best for last eh? You can see the original post here.

[[posterous-content:pid___19]]Today? Well today was spent having a bit of a clear out, a pamper, some Sex and the City boxset (I've gotten to the last few eps and am preparing to ball my eyes out like usual) Then possibly movie and definately wine with Gavin. And I plan on baking some cookies :)
Loads to be getting on with uni wise in the next week or so. I did finally get round to scanning in my article, now it's a matter of how to display it here. But it will be done, hopefully soon.

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Catch up and my easter mini-break :)

Right so I haven't really been using this. Did try the video thing but that requires more effort and I prefer writing.

So I'm on week six of weight watchers and so far all is going pretty great!


Week one just gave me my weight

week two I was down 9.5 lbs

week three down another 2 lbs

week four down 5.5 lbs

week five down 1.5lbs

week six down 2lbs!

We obviously had Easter last week so the week six measurement is a weigh in at home thing.

Easter was... Well difficult. I really like my meeting leader. But she's easily distracted I've noticed in the meetings (like myself to be fair)

And to my knowledge, the meeting we were to have before Easter was about chocolate and dealing with cravings (and bread). It pissed me off no end that we started talking about Easter and how everyones routine will be messed up with the break and temptation is everywhere. For three girls to all declare how much they are not tempted by chocolate and can control their cravings. Listening to them I got right and annoyed. I mean you're in weight watchers love.

You obviously are as bad as me coping with temptation and craving. You're overweight and now all I see is a liar as well. That sounds harsh. But I wanted that talk badly. And because my leader skipped on to the bread talk I really feel like I missed out! For the record I can go without crisps easy. Chocolate is my weakness but even still. Now. Three weeks later I'm still annoyed at the selfish attitudes shared by those three girls and I'm sure I'm not the only one in the group who thinks it. I talk to three people in the class and they all thought the same. Infuriating.

Easter was great. me and Gavin went and stayed in the Slieve Donard resort and spa in Newcastle. Just adding some poictures here, some of them you'll already have seen with my twitter account:


Daffodills Gav bought me to brighten the livingroom.



All packed and ready to go!



The front of the Slieve Donard resort.



Generic picture of the sea.



Being silly with the sign.



The first of many bold lunches and dinners.



The first of many bottles of wine



An example of just how differently me and Gavin pack.



Very rich dinner.



The Slieve Donard seen at night time.


View from our bedroom



The Mournes looking lovely.



I got this beautiful brooch at the Dundrum carboot sale on easter sunday



The first of much chocolate.



Generic picture of the sea. I like staring at the sea.




being silly with mini-golf


Me and mini-golf


The only beer I like, first sip reminds me of Rome, every time.


Another bold dinner.


Meeting Hastings, my new rubber duckie, he will feature in a lot of photos from now on. He's sitting beside my vodka and fanta zero, and ontop of my weightwatchers magazine.


My wine, Gav's pint and a lovely fire.


That'll be about all for now. Need to get ready to go to this weeks weigh-in. Shall probably return either later tonight or tomorrow with a new update.




Rage against the scales...

I've taken a rage against the scales. Or is it the scales have taken a rage at me? For the last few weeks I know I've been a few lbs over my target weight, and although I've been tracking, last week I did not exercise - at all, but I've been weighing myself at home and I had gotten back within my target weight - last week I was just in it. By half a pound, so I decided not to weigh in then - just to be safe. Some of you know my financial situation at the minute. I can not be affording to pay to attend weightwatchers. But this morning I stood on the scale to see I was a full 3lbs under the high end of my 5lb either way scale. So I was happy enough to stand on the scale.

That was until I actually stood on the scale in my meeting. To be told that I was 5lbs heavier than that. My scales and the scales in my meeting never differ. I think once or twice they were out by half a pound, but never really anything more. I was truely appalled. I have since went to the scales in my local pharmacy to be told I was half a pound off what I was at home, but still 4.5lbs under my meeting weight. And by the time I got home, two cups of coffee, a bottle of water and a yogurt later, I was up to this. Still under my 5lb either way scale.


Seriously not at all amused. More because I really just do not understand it. Although I have recorded the gain on esource, who offered me a pitiful "how to cope with a gain" article which I'm not even going to link here.
It was St. Patricks Day and I didn't even get drunk. I had half a bottle of wine which was included in my propoint allowance. Frustrating now I'm thinking of what I could have had... but then I suppose what crazy weight would have registered then?

Hello by the way, it's been a wee while again hasn't it? I've been doing loads and loads of uni work and getting no where with it, in fact I should really actually be doing more uni work and not this but I need to get the rant out of me first.

Last week I didn't get a single run done, which means I'm behind in my training in the run up to the marathon. So what I will have to do is for the next 3 weeks, do four runs instead of the usul three. Hopefully that won't be too much of a strain on my legs but I will listen to my body and if it says stop, then I will. I'm not going to push through pain again.

I think I a theme I see in fellow gold members blog posts recently is going to have to come through with me today. Yes, I lost 60lbs of my body weight, yes I look and feel totally awesome most of the time because of it. But getting to goal is not the end. This is a constant journey and I know that I'm going to get a few comments which will be the usual stuff I tell people, that I should just put the gain behind me and push on which is of course what I will be doing. I will track everything I eat this week. My plan of action being to stick to my 29 a day and going only over and into my activity points, I want to keep my weekly points for Saturday as I'm going out on Saturday to a casino night and want to be able to enjoy myself (Although I don't plan on using the entire 49 then, but I want them to be there if I need them). Once you hit your target weight, you're not just 'cured' off all the issues you have with food, I'm lucky that with weightwatchers I have the tools to be able to pull myself back in from a binge (even though there wasn't one this week), and it's just part of the journey to recover and keep going. This happens no matter where in your own journey you are. So keep at it.

Before signing off, heading for a run and settling into housework and then uni work I want to show a few pictures, this banana was in my parents house during the week, it was fused together and cracked me up I thought it wwas so odd. I didn't eat it, though now I regret that because I want to see how it looked inside. My brother said it was funny.



Also had my first hot cross bun of the year (m&s, 5propoints, yum)


Random wee picture of me 'cus I feel like it's been a wee while - Guinness shirt on in work and silly pose on my gub.


Gav got me flowers yesterday (I'm a sucker for flowers, roses mostly, but any type put a smile on my face)



And that's about it. It's going to be a good week and I'll be expecting at least a 3lb loss next week. You will of course be kept informed.

Oh - Can you tell which of these two breakfasts is mine and which was Gavin's this morning?


And my article was published there two Sunday's back. I will hopefully get it scanned in and up here in the next few days - it's trying to fit the thing into my scanner, the one in uni confuses me.
I also want to finish drafting a post on attitudes, something that I wanted to post today, but then the gain took over my topic.
And I photographed a recipe which I promised to post too.
So as long as uni doesn't interfere, I should get some things posted over the next wee while!


Sarah xx


As a side note, anyone know how to move a blog from here (posterous) to blogger? I know I can set posterous up to update blogger, just thinking of moving all together. Posterous is too tempremental for me.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The last few weeks

It's been quite a while since I did a post. So I'll try and recap over what I've done. It's been a very social few weeks, which for me is odd. I'm lucky enough to have a handful of friends that no matter how long it's been since we last sat and chatted, there is never any awkwardness and we always just pick up from where we left off. So recently I've very much enjoyed Wednesday coffee with my good friends from school Anna and Linzi. We have turned this into a permanent weekly fixture and I love it. Been quite good and not went in for any of the yummy starbucks goodies, going prepared as you'll see from some of the pictures.


Then there was the fun of pretending that me and Kathryn are ladies who lunch. We normally go to clements, but it hasn't been up to standard soup wise recently so we've moved to O'Briens. I love the tea pots. I want one very much. And a cup and sauser while I'm at it.


Yummy vegetable soup. So yummy we are now converts to O'Briens. Me and Kathryn also have a habit of buying the Claires accessories surprise bags and for the amount of them I've bought in the last month (three) Im appalled I actually have no pictures of the excitment they yield between the two of us. Next time, prepare to laugh at the pictures.


Wine with my Daddy.


Sweeties with my mammy



And then a few Sundays ago we had the Gary Faulkner Memorial Cup. Now I wrote before about how amazing my uncle Gary was to me. And I did hope to have an entire post dedicated to this day complete with tonnes of pictures. But they are trapped in my brothers camera, who is too lazy to upload them, and too possessive over the new beautiful camera to let me do it we are stuck with the one picture I took with my phone. And that was of the medal that my daddy got. Jealous I didn't get one. I think it's lovely.


After the gaelic we went to my parents house where Dominos was ordered. I made the better decesion, going for a thin crust (which I like cus it's crispy) and low fat cheese.


Then over the next few days I spent a good bit of time with my aunt who was visitiing from england, and my nana. My Nana can make the most awesome things as you're about to see.




More starbucks with Anna and Linzi make a Wednesday fun:


And then my obsession with Yogen Fruz begins. I've worked it out that a small low fat one, made with fruit clocks up 3propoints, the medium one clocks up 5. Well worth it.



I had my first creme egg. 5 propoints an egg. Yum!


And I got surprised with flowers and a romantic candlelit meal



I baked cookies.


The sun appeared after a long hibernation.


More O'Briens, amazing tomato and basil soup.


Medium strawberry yogen fruz.


More flowers



More baking! this time shortbread.



And then coconut macaroons.


Something that has taken over my life over the last week and a bit is a new type of migraine. I've always suffered migraines, when I was younger they made me throw up and all was grand after a nap. Then I got ones that would be total pain for two maybe three days. This type is new, it's been a dull pain, around my left eye and in bright light / in work at screens it's got worse. Pain killers have helped but the usual sensitivity to light has made me feel like a total dick having to walk around in sunglasses even when the sun isn't actually out. Or worse, indoors. the amount if stupid looks I've gotten over the last few days have been infuriating. As if I'd wear glasses indoors, or in work, unless I needed to!

Not amused in work.


Sweeties left in work. I resisted all but one.


Starbucks with Anna and Linzi again brought about new mugs! No I still don't own one of the older ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one! I like these, but I like the other ones better.


Wee random picture here. We sell haribo mixups in work. Why is a very pink percy pig in one?


And that's it picture wise! - I never thought I'd get to this point, It's taken me days to be able to do this. But before I go, Things I've promised to address include:

My week experiement.Some of you know I did a week experiment, I was going to have a post about it but I decided against it - it's not my place. I will say however it was a week that led to a big gain. And me and my friend that also did it have come to some conclusions. Firstly, (as if I didn't know) that weightwatchers is, without a doubt, the best plan for me. I do really need portion control, I need to be able to have nything I want without negatively naming it and making me want said piece of chocolate more. i need to have the control of knowing how points are worked out, not trust a book alone, and be able to point everything. On more than one occasion I couldn't have what I wanted because it couldn't be figured out. Frustrating. But I'm glad to be back on weightwatchers, it works for me and I love it.

My Sunday Life article. I have seriously no idea when this will be about. I do know, that it won't be online. That paper doesn't seem to put articles online really. When I know, I will be buying two copies of the paper. I will be scanning one, and putting it here. You will all get to read it. And you will not need to buy the paper as a few of my international readers have fretted :) No clue at all when it will be in though.

Finally my running is coming along pretty well. Really working on my stretching and being really careful with the actual runs. I'm in the early weeks of a c25k. Hoping it will continue being so good. And as a very, very final thought. Pretty please can you sponsor me for either of the runs? It's sad how little I have so far, and it's not for lack of asking. I hate the idea of sounding like I'm begging but come on, it's a good cause that has directly affected you, or people you know You can use justgiving.com to make a donation. It's all secure and for two really good causes.

Sponsor me for the NI Hospice, this will be the Belfast Marathon 5k I'm doing and is the charity I'm eager to hit the target for, so please donate to this one.

And then there is the race for life. Which I'll be running at the end of May.

That's it for now. i think i'm going to go back to making shorter, more regular posts.

Til then,

Sarah xx