The update to rage against the scales

So as you know, last week I was not a happy bunny. The gain I got was huge and really didn't make all that much sense really. So what I decided to do was join the whole #7daychip thing again. This time extremely determined to do it. I would get control back with my eating and I would point everything.

As always, here's some pictures throughout the week.

The week before I was dying for a dairy milk, and when Gav came home with a big bar I near cried. But I had 3 pieces, pointed them, and loved them.


The weather here in Belfast was shockingly nice, and with the amount of uni work I've had to do, it's actually taken me to campus during the day (my masters is all evening classes) so on wednesday after a meeting I had time for my starbucks and banana in the Quad with this view.[[posterous-content:pid___1]]

Before I left I had to go round the front of Queens, I think it's a beautiful building, just to get a shot of it. I love it.[[posterous-content:pid___3]]

Then I got walking home, it's strange how with just a wee bit of sun Belfast can look so nice.[[posterous-content:pid___4]][[posterous-content:pid___5]]

My nana got me a chocolate nest, which I of course worked into my propoints for the day![[posterous-content:pid___6]]

I had a coffee with Anna and Linzi and then they lost the car which was hilarity.[[posterous-content:pid___7]]

Dinner of stuffed peppers and chicken - nom[[posterous-content:pid___8]]

Went to work to see my milk carton was... well...[[posterous-content:pid___9]][[posterous-content:pid___10]]

Dulis (seaweed, I love it)[[posterous-content:pid___11]]

Made this up to snack on in work[[posterous-content:pid___12]]

Got all dressed up for a casino night on Saturday night, I was dying of a cold and after doing a nine hour shift yet managed to get dressed[[posterous-content:pid___13]][[posterous-content:pid___14]]

Pose ridiculously[[posterous-content:pid___15]][[posterous-content:pid___16]]

And get out and stay out til late. was almost 3am when I got home and in bed. It was good for the first part of the night, I was way too tired though to stay out as long as I did so I got awful grumpy towards the end of the night.[[posterous-content:pid___17]][[posterous-content:pid___18]]

I went over on days with my propoints, but never touched my weekly points at any time. Stuck stickly to my activities.

So overall I had a pretty much 'perfect' week. I stuck to the plan, I stuck to my own boundaries, I regained control over my eating. I was quite worried about the scale, but I decided that regardless of what the scale said I would try not to be too disappointed. I know I did well, you only have to look at my tracker this week, so even if it was bad this week, I knew it would reflect next.
Saying that, I stood on the scale this morning to be told I had lost 5lbs! So it all obviously paid off (if last week even was a gain - I'm still struggling with the idea I was so heavy last week, and half doubt I can lose so much in one week)! So that has brought me back into my gold area. I'm very proud of myself for the amount of control I had this week. Glad to see I still have it.

And for completeing my #7daychip last night, today I got awarded with my chip. Here it is! I'm at the bottom - he saved the best for last eh? You can see the original post here.

[[posterous-content:pid___19]]Today? Well today was spent having a bit of a clear out, a pamper, some Sex and the City boxset (I've gotten to the last few eps and am preparing to ball my eyes out like usual) Then possibly movie and definately wine with Gavin. And I plan on baking some cookies :)
Loads to be getting on with uni wise in the next week or so. I did finally get round to scanning in my article, now it's a matter of how to display it here. But it will be done, hopefully soon.

Sarah xx


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