Sunday, 27 September 2015

Virtual Race - 2nd International Mermaid Day

I will write a post on what virtual races I do and what I love about each but seeing as International Mermaid day was Sunday 6th September I figured I will start with this one.

I have in the past done quite a few virtual races, but last year I noticed a number of people on social media take part in International Mermaid Day, it looked a really fun race and there was a virtual option. I was gutted that I found out about it too late and I could not participate.

Not the case this year!

This year as soon as I could I signed up for the virtual race and a few days before the race I got a wrecked envelope in the post - I wish I took a photo of it, seriously it was already  opened and crumpled beyond belief, I am thankful my medal is shipped after the race because there is no way it would have survived.

What I love about this race is that they ship a physical bib. This was new to me. Pretty much all the races I have participated in have provided a virtual bib which I could print if I wished but I never do as I have no printer.

So this was special. I mean look how cute it is!

What else I like about this virtual event is that I could choose what I wanted to do, I was not forced into a 5 or 10K, I could have picked anything I wanted.
So I did!

Ideally, I wanted to swim a mile, but the pool I go to wasn't available. So I decided instead to run one mile as fast as I could, hoping to manage a 10 minute mile, that was not meant to be. I managed it in 11 minutes, 11 seconds but it felt great. Really, really fun,I am not sure if that is because I knew it would be so short I enjoyed it more? But I loved it.

I also walked 3 miles by the water (where else would be appropriate?) and finally did one hour of yoga practice at home.
I could have went to a class, but then I would be following someone else's lead and I was about making my own waves that day.

This is my yoga space at home, I might dedicate a post on why I love it so much but for now you get a photo.

I started in easy cross, centering myself and rooting myself to the earth, I try start every practice this way as although I am quite flexible and can move into the vast majority of poses, I recognise the breath is the most important aspect of yoga for me and if I don't focus on it, I tend to lose it during the practice and I might as well do Pilates or normal stretching in that case.

From there I did neck circles.
Then moving onto some stretching for the thoracic spine
Lions's breath, for absolute fun and getting onto knees.
Cat pose.
Garland pose
A few rounds of sun salutations before moving into warrier 1, archer and then goddess pose.
Down to Garland again and then into crow.
I have exceptionally tight calves and hamstrings so even though I don't like it, I try to put a little into each practice to loosen them out. Sitting on a block I moved to 'stirring the pot'  (not entirely sure what the correct name for this is, it's just good to loosen out my legs).
Mermaid pose (of course!)
Lay on my back and rolled out my lower spine and moved into a shoulder stand and countered with bridge before moving into cobblers pose, rooting down again and having a few moments of thanks.

I have to say, I loved participating in International Mermaid Day, and I cannot wait to be part of the next one!

Edit: It is now 10 December and I never actually received my medal for this race. Quite disappointing, I am blaming royal mail, I believe they actually dispatched 3 t(three different occasions of course) to me and not one managed to make it. :-(

Sunday, 13 September 2015

8th September Weigh in

Last week I wrote how my aims were;
  1. Beat last week's step total, which shouldn't be too hard a stretch for me.
  1. Stay within points. 
  1. Track track track! It can be easy to forget to track, especially when on filling and health, but I need this to stay accountable, and I still need some type of portion control.
So, how did I get on;

1. I did beat last week's total of 64,346 steps

to be fair I smashed it, and was very pleased with it! Not bad considering I am behind my desk for 8.5 hours of the day.

2 & 3. I have been trying out the weight watchers filling and healthy plan, as I said last week to try and get myself back to eating good and filling food and this week was the first week ever I have managed to complete a full week of it. Normally when I try filling and healthy it gets to the point where I do not track everything I am eating. I am not sure why, but it happens. I do use the app, and have no excuses other than laziness.

Filling and Healthy was great to do, even if it did involve a lot more prep and organisation and heart ache at the idea of coming home at 9pm to chop up spuds (Tuesday). And 11pm trips to Tesco for appropriate foods for lunch the next day (Thursday night). I enjoyed all the meals and I like the liberation over not needing to point everything. I did still weigh things out though.
I did stay within the points I had at my disposal, both weekly and activity points and I actually had two to spare which was quite a shock for me.

What did I use so many points on? It's actually a bit funny, during the week it was condiments, salad cream to go on my salads, ketchup with some dinners. Olives and cheese to keep ticking until dinner. The odd (and I mean odd) curly wurly for an evening treat. I have to say though I only had two bars over the week and that is normally my treat of choice. I just didn't actually fancy treats. Could I have actually been satisfied with all I was eating?!

During the weekend I had the real challenge. No routine and I am screwed, boredom and I am screwed. But that weekend I kept it together due to having a well stocked kitchen and having planned my days out. Also the fact I actually had an active Saturday and Sunday helped.

I did have a take away and 2 bottles of Prosecco, so there you have the absolute vast majority of my available points. And because I tracked, I managed a loss. A big loss.


I was surprised it was as much as this to be honest.

I wish I could say got next week I expect the same - I really do not.
My activity has been very low this week, only a handful of walks and yoga everyday (yoga really doesn't count towards much for me weight-loss wise, but weight loss is not the reason I practice).

I have been very busy and lazy in equal measurements and organising and food prep has not been at the top of my to do list. I did want to make sure I got an update in here though to keep me accountable. And I will be back on Tuesday to tell you the damage and to draw a line under it and move on.

If I was able to manage it in that week past, I will be able to do it again.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

1st September weigh in

I have a holiday coming up soon and I know I will have a gain with my time. So I really want to focus over the next few weeks to try and serve some damage limitations.

This week just past I was on plan all week, come the weekend... not so much.

However I still managed a loss! Despite going out for lunch with my mummy and sister on the bank holiday

and having this...

I managed to lose 1.5lbs!

Quite surprising! 

My weigh in is still a Tuesday and what has worked out well is that I normally get my weekly fitbit stats email on a Tuesday too. This is a screenshot of how I did;

It was not the best week for me, but then it was not the worst either. A great result considering I was not fully on plan for the week!

I have been doing random days of filling and healthy recently as opposed to pointing. Now don't get me wrong, I still love pointing, and the propoints plan, but for this week coming I think I am going to do filling and healthy all week. Including the weekend. Sometimes pointing can be tiresome and I think I could do with boiling down to focusing on food that is filling and healthy for me,

My plans for this week are to;

  1. Beat last week's step total, which shouldn't be too hard a stretch for me.
  2. Stay within points. 
  3. Track track track! It can be easy to forget to track, especially when on filling and health, but I need this to stay accountable, and I still need some type of portion control.