1st September weigh in

I have a holiday coming up soon and I know I will have a gain with my time. So I really want to focus over the next few weeks to try and serve some damage limitations.

This week just past I was on plan all week, come the weekend... not so much.

However I still managed a loss! Despite going out for lunch with my mummy and sister on the bank holiday

and having this...

I managed to lose 1.5lbs!

Quite surprising! 

My weigh in is still a Tuesday and what has worked out well is that I normally get my weekly fitbit stats email on a Tuesday too. This is a screenshot of how I did;

It was not the best week for me, but then it was not the worst either. A great result considering I was not fully on plan for the week!

I have been doing random days of filling and healthy recently as opposed to pointing. Now don't get me wrong, I still love pointing, and the propoints plan, but for this week coming I think I am going to do filling and healthy all week. Including the weekend. Sometimes pointing can be tiresome and I think I could do with boiling down to focusing on food that is filling and healthy for me,

My plans for this week are to;

  1. Beat last week's step total, which shouldn't be too hard a stretch for me.
  2. Stay within points. 
  3. Track track track! It can be easy to forget to track, especially when on filling and health, but I need this to stay accountable, and I still need some type of portion control.


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