Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My (two) week(s) in review.

OK, very late post, been under a load of "life" stuff.  I am spending today organising myself. I need to sort out a nice balance. This post covers the last two weeks. (I take Wednesday as the start of my new eating week.) So starting from not this week just past, but the week before, it was a very mixed week.

Here is a snap shot of the tracked week.


Saturday and Sunday were total write offs, awful days. Tuesday wasn't the best either. But other than that I was back to tracking which was good.

I was quite pleased with my exercise. I walked into work a few days and did my DVD.

I'm not weighing myself because I am not fretting about the numbers.

Last week was an extremely mixed week. I think I had 2 excellent days, 2 meh days and 3 very bad days. I also had the worst cold I've had in ages. Complete with ear infection which affected my balance something shocking. Pretty sure my excellent days were down to me simply not being able to swallow anything. Oh and Saturday where I had a hangover from hell (I can't be near food with a hangover, which sucked when I was in work all day).

Last week exercise was non-existent. I made the mistake of starting a work out, I felt like my lungs were going to cave in and I was going to fall over, so I just stuck to walking.

My goals for this week is to track as much of the week as I can, posting it here next week to keep myself accountable, I'm going to try and have as many filling and healthy food as possible to get me on track. I didn't track last week which was my downfall. I wish weightwatchers would make a mobile site so I could track as I go along, it would make things a lot easier. As it stands I track in a notepad on occasions, an unofficial app on my phone and the e-source tracker. That's too much. Is it any wonder I'm failing? I need to pick one method and stick to it. 

I will be weighing myself next week, hoping for a loss over the 3 weeks, if not I'll be taking my measurements again the following week so I'm sure between them both there will be something to make me smile.

Until then here's a few pictures of my food choices over the last few weeks.

Quick lunch in town. Yum yum yum (there's a theme here, I love baked potatoes)


Lunch one day


Dinner another


Lunch for a few days :)



Sarah xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

ProPoints, changing slightly.

So I'd been hearing from many sources that pro-points was due a change. Interestingly I think a lot of people were quite happy with the prospect of this considering how anti-new-plan I remember some fellow members being.

This morning I woke with an email on my phone from weightwatchers directed me to this page (opens in a new window). As most of you know I can't get to my normal Tuesday meetings any more and so on occasion go to other meetings in my area, but to be honest no one is like Jackie, my fabulous leader. So at the minute I am relying heavily on my e-source, weight watchers magazines (which I'm slowly catching up on) and my own inspirations to help me get back to goal.

When I logged into the weight watchers site earlier to try and track my day I got this image.


So now correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the only change is how many points you can eat in a day right? How we calculate them and all is the exact same? No matter what I know I'm going to be tracking my food as  much as I can, exercising when I can and updating here :)


Sarah xx

Friday, 18 November 2011


This should have been automatically posted yesterday (Saturday), silly posterous post scheduling failed.


While England had an "Indian summer", here in Ireland, we had Monsoon season. And since that I've realised I've developed a bad habit - getting the bus to work. The funny thing being, with our (awful, seriously must be one of the worst in Europe) local public transport system my route into the town centre only gets two buses an hour. 15 minutes past the hour and 45 minutes past the hour. If I were to get the 45 minutes past the hour I would be late for work due to the fact the route also changed when the timetables changed and the bus leaves me on the wrong side of town. The funny thing is it only takes me 40 - 45 minutes to walk to work! So why have I been doing it? It's just been laziness. Sure some of those days the weather has been so bad I need to get the bus, but that's no more than two days a week. I'm hitting this habit on the head and walking into work. I'll get the bus home, but not walking in, I start in the afternoons so have plenty of time. As of today there is no more excuses!

As I've also mentioned before, until I get myself a full time job, gyms are of no use to me, just not in my very limited budget. But that's something I don't mind because I know I lost 60+ lbs before with weight watchers and no gym. I have my treadmill, I have my bikes, I have a few exercise games for my playstation (2, retro haha) and that's what helped me before.

However I have recently been given a challenge to follow Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I've did this DVD before and can remember enjoying it but this time I'm going to commit to it. I have that pretty l.b.d. to fit into next month! It's somewhere in the post coming to me, so when ever I get it I'll do a blog on first impressions and do a weekly update on it as well!

Talking to my sister she's going to use her copy of the DVD from the day I start it too, so hopefully the friendly competition that will brew between us can spur us on!

Hopefully with Jillian as my trainer and walking more these few pound will go away!


Sarah xx

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What I eat.

I have funny eating habits. When I wake in the morning I can't eat right away. I feel ill if I do but then since joining weight watchers I know I really should be eating in the morning, especially if I'm going to be out and about as otherwise I will munch all around me come about 11.

But just because I know I should eat first thing in the morning, doesn't mean that sickly feeling will leave if I do eat so I have a weird kind of routine. I have two breakfasts.

The first is fruit and yoghurt. I simply cut up an apple and banana or melon or wee oranges and plop yoghurt on it, either a pot of the weight watchers summer fruits, which is already portioned controlled to 1pp. Or go with 0% fat greek yoghurt measure to be 1pp. And coffee of course.

Second breakfast to be fair is more at lunch time and tends to be cereal. Either shredded wheat or weetabix. I had porridge ever day last year and am still sickened of it.

Lunches vary, and this is why I'm doing this post. I did an online shop that was delivered yesterday. So this will be my lunches for the week.

  • I got a lot of vegetables to roast and have with baked potatoes (and cheese!) so that's when I'm at home and have the time to cook it.

  • I got a bag of soup veg to make an easy soup, plan on making that tonight to do the next few days. So that and a wee bit of bread. Yum yum. I can't make any other fun soups though because my blender has died :( I managed to get 13 months out of that blender, bought from Argos with a 12 month guarantee. Grrrr.

  • Garlic mushrooms done in the pan with that Fry's spray oil? and beans and toast is another lunch.

  • As is boiled egg smashed up in a cup with a touch of butter and some toast.

  • If I'm in a rush for work sometimes it's easier to just lift a tin of weight watchers soup to put in my bag.

  • I also make salads to take to work.

As for dinners I just eat what ever we're making that night, I work my points around my dinner because it's simply easier that way. Food staples are noodles, chicken, extra lean mince, spices, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, carrots, parsnips, butter nut squash, pita bread and wraps.

Snacks throughout the day is generally fruit or carrots. I also drink a lot of water and some sugar free squash.

Treats are different to snacks of course, in my house we have bars that are 3 propoints each (I actually need to double check that though) and packets of crisps that are 2 propoints a packet.

I generally don't like to drink points. I've always drank black tea and coffee so it's not like I'm being stingy with my points, not giving it for milk haha. The one exception is my hot chocolate. I am a total chocolate addict and I'm finding recently in the evening this is what I want more rather than my bar of chocolate. So the best type I've found for the lowest amount of points is Aero's Instant bubbly hot chocolate, it's made with water and is 3 pro points per serving. But it's worth it. It's lovely and frothy and perfect for miserable evenings.

So, you've basically just had a glimpse in my cupboard for the week! As I said in my early entry today I'm going to be tracking religiously this week. I'm hoping to be able to screen grab my week and put it up here to keep myself right.

I'll do a post in the next few days about my exercise routine, along with a photo entry on what I've been up to. And I've put my plan week on weight watchers esource back to week 1.

I'll leave you with a picture of the dessert I had when on date night with Gavin a week or two back. Yum!


Sarah xx

Back on the Wagon!

As of this morning. I am back pointing everything I eat and tracking it religiously on the site. I have a dress I want to wear for my graduation on the 15th December and at the minute it's a bit too tight for my liking!

I have a plan of what I'm eating today and over the next week, I'll stick that into a post later, I'll also make a post of my exercise routine by the weekend and then a general update on my life too.

I just wanted to do this this morning to let you know what's up with me.

Sarah xx


Oh, and random picture because you all know I love it, Tea break in work. Coffee and a Tunnock's tea cake!