ProPoints, changing slightly.

So I'd been hearing from many sources that pro-points was due a change. Interestingly I think a lot of people were quite happy with the prospect of this considering how anti-new-plan I remember some fellow members being.

This morning I woke with an email on my phone from weightwatchers directed me to this page (opens in a new window). As most of you know I can't get to my normal Tuesday meetings any more and so on occasion go to other meetings in my area, but to be honest no one is like Jackie, my fabulous leader. So at the minute I am relying heavily on my e-source, weight watchers magazines (which I'm slowly catching up on) and my own inspirations to help me get back to goal.

When I logged into the weight watchers site earlier to try and track my day I got this image.


So now correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the only change is how many points you can eat in a day right? How we calculate them and all is the exact same? No matter what I know I'm going to be tracking my food as  much as I can, exercising when I can and updating here :)


Sarah xx


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