My (two) week(s) in review.

OK, very late post, been under a load of "life" stuff.  I am spending today organising myself. I need to sort out a nice balance. This post covers the last two weeks. (I take Wednesday as the start of my new eating week.) So starting from not this week just past, but the week before, it was a very mixed week.

Here is a snap shot of the tracked week.


Saturday and Sunday were total write offs, awful days. Tuesday wasn't the best either. But other than that I was back to tracking which was good.

I was quite pleased with my exercise. I walked into work a few days and did my DVD.

I'm not weighing myself because I am not fretting about the numbers.

Last week was an extremely mixed week. I think I had 2 excellent days, 2 meh days and 3 very bad days. I also had the worst cold I've had in ages. Complete with ear infection which affected my balance something shocking. Pretty sure my excellent days were down to me simply not being able to swallow anything. Oh and Saturday where I had a hangover from hell (I can't be near food with a hangover, which sucked when I was in work all day).

Last week exercise was non-existent. I made the mistake of starting a work out, I felt like my lungs were going to cave in and I was going to fall over, so I just stuck to walking.

My goals for this week is to track as much of the week as I can, posting it here next week to keep myself accountable, I'm going to try and have as many filling and healthy food as possible to get me on track. I didn't track last week which was my downfall. I wish weightwatchers would make a mobile site so I could track as I go along, it would make things a lot easier. As it stands I track in a notepad on occasions, an unofficial app on my phone and the e-source tracker. That's too much. Is it any wonder I'm failing? I need to pick one method and stick to it. 

I will be weighing myself next week, hoping for a loss over the 3 weeks, if not I'll be taking my measurements again the following week so I'm sure between them both there will be something to make me smile.

Until then here's a few pictures of my food choices over the last few weeks.

Quick lunch in town. Yum yum yum (there's a theme here, I love baked potatoes)


Lunch one day


Dinner another


Lunch for a few days :)



Sarah xx


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