What I eat.

I have funny eating habits. When I wake in the morning I can't eat right away. I feel ill if I do but then since joining weight watchers I know I really should be eating in the morning, especially if I'm going to be out and about as otherwise I will munch all around me come about 11.

But just because I know I should eat first thing in the morning, doesn't mean that sickly feeling will leave if I do eat so I have a weird kind of routine. I have two breakfasts.

The first is fruit and yoghurt. I simply cut up an apple and banana or melon or wee oranges and plop yoghurt on it, either a pot of the weight watchers summer fruits, which is already portioned controlled to 1pp. Or go with 0% fat greek yoghurt measure to be 1pp. And coffee of course.

Second breakfast to be fair is more at lunch time and tends to be cereal. Either shredded wheat or weetabix. I had porridge ever day last year and am still sickened of it.

Lunches vary, and this is why I'm doing this post. I did an online shop that was delivered yesterday. So this will be my lunches for the week.

  • I got a lot of vegetables to roast and have with baked potatoes (and cheese!) so that's when I'm at home and have the time to cook it.

  • I got a bag of soup veg to make an easy soup, plan on making that tonight to do the next few days. So that and a wee bit of bread. Yum yum. I can't make any other fun soups though because my blender has died :( I managed to get 13 months out of that blender, bought from Argos with a 12 month guarantee. Grrrr.

  • Garlic mushrooms done in the pan with that Fry's spray oil? and beans and toast is another lunch.

  • As is boiled egg smashed up in a cup with a touch of butter and some toast.

  • If I'm in a rush for work sometimes it's easier to just lift a tin of weight watchers soup to put in my bag.

  • I also make salads to take to work.

As for dinners I just eat what ever we're making that night, I work my points around my dinner because it's simply easier that way. Food staples are noodles, chicken, extra lean mince, spices, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, carrots, parsnips, butter nut squash, pita bread and wraps.

Snacks throughout the day is generally fruit or carrots. I also drink a lot of water and some sugar free squash.

Treats are different to snacks of course, in my house we have bars that are 3 propoints each (I actually need to double check that though) and packets of crisps that are 2 propoints a packet.

I generally don't like to drink points. I've always drank black tea and coffee so it's not like I'm being stingy with my points, not giving it for milk haha. The one exception is my hot chocolate. I am a total chocolate addict and I'm finding recently in the evening this is what I want more rather than my bar of chocolate. So the best type I've found for the lowest amount of points is Aero's Instant bubbly hot chocolate, it's made with water and is 3 pro points per serving. But it's worth it. It's lovely and frothy and perfect for miserable evenings.

So, you've basically just had a glimpse in my cupboard for the week! As I said in my early entry today I'm going to be tracking religiously this week. I'm hoping to be able to screen grab my week and put it up here to keep myself right.

I'll do a post in the next few days about my exercise routine, along with a photo entry on what I've been up to. And I've put my plan week on weight watchers esource back to week 1.

I'll leave you with a picture of the dessert I had when on date night with Gavin a week or two back. Yum!


Sarah xx


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