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While England had an "Indian summer", here in Ireland, we had Monsoon season. And since that I've realised I've developed a bad habit - getting the bus to work. The funny thing being, with our (awful, seriously must be one of the worst in Europe) local public transport system my route into the town centre only gets two buses an hour. 15 minutes past the hour and 45 minutes past the hour. If I were to get the 45 minutes past the hour I would be late for work due to the fact the route also changed when the timetables changed and the bus leaves me on the wrong side of town. The funny thing is it only takes me 40 - 45 minutes to walk to work! So why have I been doing it? It's just been laziness. Sure some of those days the weather has been so bad I need to get the bus, but that's no more than two days a week. I'm hitting this habit on the head and walking into work. I'll get the bus home, but not walking in, I start in the afternoons so have plenty of time. As of today there is no more excuses!

As I've also mentioned before, until I get myself a full time job, gyms are of no use to me, just not in my very limited budget. But that's something I don't mind because I know I lost 60+ lbs before with weight watchers and no gym. I have my treadmill, I have my bikes, I have a few exercise games for my playstation (2, retro haha) and that's what helped me before.

However I have recently been given a challenge to follow Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I've did this DVD before and can remember enjoying it but this time I'm going to commit to it. I have that pretty l.b.d. to fit into next month! It's somewhere in the post coming to me, so when ever I get it I'll do a blog on first impressions and do a weekly update on it as well!

Talking to my sister she's going to use her copy of the DVD from the day I start it too, so hopefully the friendly competition that will brew between us can spur us on!

Hopefully with Jillian as my trainer and walking more these few pound will go away!


Sarah xx


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