Friday, 17 December 2010

Last meeting of the year


This week was the last weightwatchers meeting of the year. And at my weigh in, I actually managed a loss! Despite missing my meeting last week due to being stuck in England (silly snow!)
My exciting news this week though was getting my beautiful new gold card proclaiming my lifetime / gold membership. Look! Even my name is written in gold pen! I think I was as emotional getting this as I was actually hitting goal. Unforunately I didn't have anyone there with me, but the ladies at my early meeting ate, generally a lovely bunch.
As you'll see from the picture I also got my gold star for the top of my tree. And quite pleased with that.

I am done with uni, so I could go back to my normal meeting in January. And I plan going back to my evening class so I can see my friend @annafrew88, but not on the first day back - 4th January. Because that is the first day back, and I'm in the first class, ill be one of the first to see the new propoint plan and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for that!!!

The other thing i wanted to mention is my latest nonscale victory! As you may notice from the photo i got a new satin and lace pencil skirt! In a size 8! And I'm not bulging out of it! As its a Christmas gift I haven't got it at the minute but I assure you there will be many pictures of it after the holidays.


That's all for now. Will add a snow post shortly though.


Friday, 10 December 2010

Grocery Shop excitement.

Super quick, almost silly post here.

I was doing my weekly grocery shop last night. And I got ridiculously excited in one of the aisles over a jar of sauce. A jar of sauce I would never buy either. But it was the new design and the new propoint values!!!

Now, I have to stress we in Ireland (to my knowledge, I'm sure there's a few exceptions) have not been introduced to our new plan at this time, we get it in the new year, the rational being that we can be easily confused over the christmas break. And this is the first time I have physically seen any weightwatchers product with the new design and pointed using the new system. My excitement turned me into crazy girl and there I stood, in tesco snapping pictures of a jar of sauce I would never buy.



And there was a jar of the old design too, so I had to take a picture of that too.


Fully aware I'm nuts. But very excited for the new plan!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hair Cut.

I promised myself this for quite some time. A new hair cut.

I've had the same haircut since I left school, that's quite long, normally layered and a straight fringe. For the last year or so I've wanted to get it chopped up short, problem is that I never had the balls to go through with it. So I decided, that once I became a gold member on weightwatchers, I'd do it. I'd book myself in before christmas and get it cut, not into a bob, at least not right away, I need to progress shorter!

So for the last few weeks I've just been letting it grow, it got to the point where I couldn't even have my fringe down, and all I did was hot roller it and pin it up.


Here I am the day before my haircut, fringe too long to be a fringe and too short to be pushed into a side fringe, plus you actually can't really see the length in this picture because the longer part is obviously down my back.


My hair dresser has been cutting my hair for years, I totally trust her because she always seems to know exactly what it is I like.


I got quite bored in the salon so resorted to, what else? picture taking?



And it was cut! My reward for hitting my target weight was a cute new hairstyle, I absolutely love it flicking out, and I love how it's a change, but not a drastic one. Still debating whether or not to go shorter again, if I do I doubt I can do that pin-up thing I like but for now? Super pleased with it.


I am drafting a post talking about the two weeks after hitting goal and the long weekend I was away for there now, along with my uni work, so hopefully something else will be up soon.


Sarah xx