Last meeting of the year


This week was the last weightwatchers meeting of the year. And at my weigh in, I actually managed a loss! Despite missing my meeting last week due to being stuck in England (silly snow!)
My exciting news this week though was getting my beautiful new gold card proclaiming my lifetime / gold membership. Look! Even my name is written in gold pen! I think I was as emotional getting this as I was actually hitting goal. Unforunately I didn't have anyone there with me, but the ladies at my early meeting ate, generally a lovely bunch.
As you'll see from the picture I also got my gold star for the top of my tree. And quite pleased with that.

I am done with uni, so I could go back to my normal meeting in January. And I plan going back to my evening class so I can see my friend @annafrew88, but not on the first day back - 4th January. Because that is the first day back, and I'm in the first class, ill be one of the first to see the new propoint plan and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for that!!!

The other thing i wanted to mention is my latest nonscale victory! As you may notice from the photo i got a new satin and lace pencil skirt! In a size 8! And I'm not bulging out of it! As its a Christmas gift I haven't got it at the minute but I assure you there will be many pictures of it after the holidays.


That's all for now. Will add a snow post shortly though.



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