Monday, 18 January 2016

Smart Points: First Weigh In

I am a bit late in this post, I went back to my Wednesday meeting's weigh-in, and have properly changed my online account to a Wednesday weigh-in.

I said in my last post I was expecting a loss. And I managed it! 4lbs on my first week with SmartPoints!

I have to say I was very pleased. That was my 4lb gain over Christmas and New Year plus another half. Yay!

My aims last week were to;
  1. Improve my step count on fitbit, which wasn't hard. I ended last week with 32,490 steps, this week I did better than double that so was over the moon with those steps!
  2. Track everything. Which I did, quite easily for once. I tracked on my phone rather than the pretty paper tracker, only because I was using a small satchel that couldn't fit the tracker in. This week I am using the paper tracker though. I love it.
I took a lot of photos of food this week, so thought I would share.

I did that smash salted chilli chicken recipe you see floating about online. I like a takeaway, but do not want to use the points so thought I would try it. It was actually very easy to make and I have made it twice now with two different recipes (oddly sweet with one recipe, and too mild with the other). Flavour wise it just isn't right yet. So I am going to tweak it a bit and when I have it right I will probably put it up here.
The ordeal I had trying to find smash was hilarious. I didn't know what to box looked like and searched Iceland, Home Bargains, B&M and two Tescos before finally getting it!

Delicious salted chilli chicken (minus the chicken at this stage).
 I used beef mince to make delicious burgers and chips, 6 for the mince and egg, 6 for the bread and 4 for the chips. Worth it.

I had Strawberries dipped in greek yogurt - zero points

Still managed 3 SmartPoints of crisps, all measured out in my Hello Kitty snack bowl.

 Love that eggs are still only 2 points each.

Means that a sausage and egg sandwich on white bread is only 9 smart points - This was Sunday brunch.

The Meeting topic was Move, I got the second book in the Smartpoints series and the chat was mostly about how to fit in a little extra activity. The book, although thinner than last week's is quite good, with lots of small ideas. I have not had the time to properly go through everything but I hope to before my next meeting (only two days away at this stage).

This week I have still tracked, although there have been a few times where the app has crapped out on me (not cool Weightwatchers) and not saved what I have tracked properly. Frustrating as I know I went into my weekly points early in the week. I get that it's quite new but some of my pointing early in the week is a bit of a mess and why I have moved to the paper tracker.

Aims for the coming week?

  1. Well it's a bit late in the week, but I want to focus on my water intake again, I did so well and then just let it all fall away again.
  2. Keep cooking, I have really enjoyed cooking again, Gavin does the vast majority of our cooking, but it's got a bit more balanced again. I have tried a few new recipes and enjoyed them 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Year New Plan! Smartpoints are here!

I'm skipping over all the New Year and Christmas talk. I'm too excited!

This week Weightwatcher's new SmartPoints system finally came to Ireland!

Since my rejoin to classes I have bounced between a Tuesday and a Wednesday class so I couldn't help myself. I went to the Tuesday class, stood on the scale and took my Christmas gain.
Three weeks away from class, Christmas, our engagement party, New Year and all the wine, cheese and chocolate in the word has left me incredibly bloated and with a 4lb gain. Not too bad considering.

As always, here's some pictures.
Balloons from the engagement party!

It was a themed party, so I had to dress up and stick on a wig! 

I didn't wait until today to get properly stuck in to the new system. I wasn't feeling very well over a lot of the Christmas break so spent quite a lot of time reading through the site, playing with cook books (I have two new ones to add to my collection, not Weightwatchers, but everything can be smartpointed). And working out what a lot of my normal meals are.

As a result I started the plan on Monday (yesterday) properly. And I really have to say, one I had planned the full day and knew what I was having it was so incredibly easy to stick to. The meals I had were so filling I was so pleased when it came to evening and I had no desire to snack!

The meeting itself was full today, lots of resolutioners and old members like myself in addition to the normal faces all excited for the new plan.

I love stationary, anyone who knows me knows of my love for all of it, so I was super excited to get the new folder and new books.

Here is the folder;

Here is week one's book, eat. (obviously)

It's quite thick, bursting with info, tips and recipes, I don't think I will be letting it out of my sight this week.

and this is my favourite. The tracker is so pretty!

We didn't have time for the leader to give a big overview of what the new plan is, (I adore how the tracker encompasses the holistic approach too!) but we did get a chat about the basics, she used an effective example where a breast of chicken and a tin of coke have the same calories, however the chicken breast has 2 Smartpoints, whereas the tin of coke has 8 (I think it was 8), to show just how much the sugars can affect the Smartpoint value.

I had tuna steak for dinner tonight and as I was tracking it on the calculator I found it amusing how once I input 86 calories it was given the Smartpoint value of three, however once I input the protein value it dropped down to one!

Everyone's homework is to go home and study the book which as I said above is pretty comprehensive and has a lot of good looking recipes.

Next week I might post my tracker to keep for the moments I inevitably wonder, how did I use to plan a week? Speaking of planning...

Aims for this week!
This week I am focusing primarily on 2 things;

  1. Ensuring I have tracked the Smartpoint value of everything I eat. (Even if I go over).
  2. Drink 2l of water everyday.
I can struggle with tracking however I normally never have any trouble with drinking my water, I've found over the last few weeks my tea and coffee consumption (which is already pretty high) has went astronomical. 

I have, of course, been using my fitbit, and last week's activity was appalling. You would think I did not have it on for half the week, but it was just I did not move for half the week. I haven't put any strict goals on for this week, but I would like to try and manage the 10,000 step goal I have as much as I can.

This was my week in review;

Pathetic really. I hit 10,000 yesterday and hope to today so next week's review will hopefully smash this. 

Next week will be my first loss under the Smartpoint system, I can feel it!