Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Need to focus.

I have three different entries I'm half way through drafting, one talking about Paris which I will eventually get to.

I've started back at uni and because my masters is all evening classes everything is a bit of a mess. My organisation, my beloved routine. I'm four weeks in and everything is still a mess, but I think I need to check in here. Even just a quick post because I keep getting so close and then possibly self sabotaging my way backwards.

Last week I was only 2.5lbs from goal, 2.5! This week I couldn't get to a meeting, my meetings have had to switch to morning on a Tuesday now (entire post about the suckiness of that is yet to come), and I had a doctors appointment yesterday (everything is pretty much okay) but long story short I missed all of my regular meeting and the weigh-in part of the later one, so there was no point in going to the chat part only, I needed to go to town, buy winter boots before my feet fell off with the cold and then go to uni. Which is what I did. But I did of course do my own weigh in and I went up 1.5lbs, now to be fair, it was a very stressful and testing week, but I know I shouldn't have indulged the way I did. Hell it wasn't indulging, it was binging. And now I'm another step and a half backwards and 4lbs from goal.

I'm not too upset about the actual number because I look and feel brilliant. I'm within my goal weight parameters and you know I pretty much stopped the obsession with the numbers a month or so ago. I know I'll hit goal, it' a matter of when. The big bother at the minute is the money aspect. I'm seriously broke. I only work 23 to 25 hours a week, am trying to get my MA in the evenings and of course have my beautiful home which I really don't want to have to get rid off and having to hand over £6 every week is frustrating when I know I just need to hit the goal number once and stay 5lbs either side of it to be not charged every week.

So I'm back to obsessing about the number. As it stands I have 4lbs I want rid of asap and I really need to regain that control I once had to make it happen. I'm, hoping this short entry will shake me into doing it and reporting back next week.

I will try to get a decent post up to in the next few days. Blogging always helps my focus. Want to also find the time to restart my c25k program again, pretty sure my shin splints are healed.


Sarah xx

Monday, 4 October 2010



So I spent ages organising my holiday photos to share some here, but have been denied the upload by posterous, apparently the post would be too high. So fuck you posterous, I'm looking to move myself to a new blog host. No food pictures, that will just make me hungry when I look back.

I've been awful, really really bold and undisciplined. Which is quite out of character for me.  Even since getting home. Anyway, I'll go through the photos before I start on what's happened since.


Getting to Paris was fucking hell. It took ten hours from leaving our house in north belfast to get to the hotel room.  That was due to various delays in the airport due to the strikes that were happening the previous day, and also, more frustratingly, due to the fact that once you get to the airport in Paris you have to get the train to actually get into Paris, and the ticket machines take coins only. Made even more frustrating when the tickets are 18euro.

But we eventually made it to the hotle, I was in the most foul mood ever, I was tired, grumpy, sick (I'm a terrible traveller and the travel sickness tablets I take work, but not when you travel for that length of time, and the side affects are annoying too) and hating what I still believe to be a backwards country (and I'm Irish, so that's some statement).

I wasn't in the mood to leave the hotel, but we were too hungry not too, so we left and went on a search and found the most incredible little italian restaurant ever, I do love eating out, and I love how in mainland Europe it's done so well, you're never rushed, you get your drinks, olives or bread, starter, main, dessert and coffee. In that we had some wine, Gav a pizza, me a lasagne and coffee afterwards. You probably know by now that I adore tea and coffee, it's a bit odd how much I just love it. And I loved how the french love their espressos as much as I do, so every day I was there, I had at least one. That first meal was just what we needed that first evening just to calm ourselves down, relax and begin to enjoy our holiday.

The first proper day then was Saturday, we spent it at the modern art museum, notre dame, an evening boat tour down the seine (the first photo in this set was taken on the tour) and a beautiful meal in a wee Greek restaurant before climbing the top of the Eiffel tower.