Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Half stone!

It occurs to me what with the house move and then going on a wee holiday / mini break for Gavin's birthday, I never did give an update on last weeks progress. I wrote this post on Sunday and had blogger set to schedule it. But me being silly, I didn't actually get it posted.

Food wise it was chaos. Turning to a lot of quick and easy foods, although at times I couldn't actually point, I did write down what I was eating to remain mindful.

Exercise wise... well I moved house. That was a lot of moving about. On day 2 of moving I wore my pedometer and clocked 12 activity points, and that was just through walking. I have a strained shoulder so am not allowed to do much lifting over the next load of weeks but did a little and I suffered for it. So much pain.
And it evened out. I still managed a loss of ¾ of a pound! Allowing me to hit my first goal of losing half a stone (7lbs) by Gavin and my sister's birthdays (and also allowing me to feel more comfortable in the dresses I wanted to wear for those occasions!).
So weight loss to date is in 3 weeks 7¼lbs! I got my first new sticker since restarting. Woo!

I am not looking at such a good result this week. I allowed myself to get very caught up in the holiday spirit, but I'll speak about that in the next few days along with the review of the week that just happened.

Adding some pictures of that week now that the big move completed.
A trip with Gav to Ikea

I wish I bought more of this, so so good, sadly no nutritional information so I wasn't sure how many points it is.
We got the keys to our new house! (No more landlords! yay!!!)


Our first meal in the new house was a takeaway.
and then this was a kind of last supper in our old rented house. Lots of funny times happened around this table. I cried buckets leaving the house. Just because it was our first home together, I know this one is going to be even better.


Everyone was so shattered at this point

Mammy and sister

I'm a wreck in this picture. 2 days of moving, a lot of cleaning, my arm still strained (still hurts like hell) and very emotional.

PS. I did weigh in today, like normal, it's been 4 weeks since restarting weightwatchers and I'm hoping to get a post up for last week by the weekend. I do have a new job now so my routine is very disturbed and I still haven't unpacked into the new house, but that's something that I know will happen very slowly, there will be something up soon.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My week, weigh in and tracking

Week In Review
If you follow me on twitter or know me in real life you'll know that I haven't been well this week. I was in hospital and then the doctors over one thing or another last week. And then frustratingly once I got that sorted I've had these odd pains in my arms, legs and head, feels like I'm coming down with something. I'm constantly tired and in two minds whether to go to the doctor or not.

Despite this, I've increased my walking even more. Still not done any structured exercise for nearly two weeks. But my walking is still clocking up activity points.

Food wise, it's been a great week. I've made good decisions throughout the week, keeping within my point allowance and tracking everything. One of my plans last week was to try and eat my points more equally through the day, that has happened to an extent, but it's something I want to work on more.

I'm trying to cut down my spicy food (I eat way too much spicy food) so we had a garlicky stir fry one evening. Yum yum.


I also got this beautiful box of chocolates from Lola Lola, each chocolate is 2 propoints each. Delish, and I've actually had the strength to eat only one or two and put the box away.


Such pretty chocolate! Tastes as good as it looks too!


There was only one day I was in work and was caught of guard with no snacks. Now I know I could have went without until I got home, but my blood sugar would have plummeted and headaches would have happened and I would have eaten nearly everything in the house before dinner. So I pointed half the shop to work out what was cheapest for a quick munch and these were the answer.


Only two propoints each, it worked to stave off my hunger until I got home.

Weigh-In 2
Today is of course also my weigh in day. And I've lost 2.25lbs! bringing my two week loss as 6.75lbs! Extremely pleased considering my first mini goal was to hit my half stone / silver seven by Gavin and Kathy's birthday, which is next week. Totally on track for that, only a quarter of a lb to lose in one week!
Still pleased with using propoints to lose, I don't miss the discover program at all. Now I haven't used a filling and healthy day yet, but that's because I want to focus on getting back into the habit of pointing everything. Which so far has worked quite well.

This weeks meeting topic is tracking for success. Something I know, but it's nice to get a reminder. I know the only reason I have been so successful this last two weeks is because I have tracked everything and honestly. Tracking and portion control are key to any success I get, I might forget to track or weigh portions, but my body doesn't forget.
What also probably helps is that I invested in one of the weightwatchers journals. This one:

So pretty!

It's so pretty, and a good size to just stick into my handbag. If I were to not track one day the pages would look so sad all empty, so I'll have to stick at it.

My aim for this week is to lose half a pound to one pound.
This week will be extremely stressful as I'm moving house this weekend (wee bit sad leaving me and Gavin's first home together, but our second home will be even more awesome). I really need to catch a grip if I stress and not turn to crappy and quick foods. I'll need to keep calm and keep organised. So might make another post about meal planning when you have no fridge, we'll see how I do with my time.

Til then,

P.S. if you have any hints or tips about moving in general / staying healthy and not buckling for takeaways for ease please do either comment or tweet me.