Grocery Shop excitement.

Super quick, almost silly post here.

I was doing my weekly grocery shop last night. And I got ridiculously excited in one of the aisles over a jar of sauce. A jar of sauce I would never buy either. But it was the new design and the new propoint values!!!

Now, I have to stress we in Ireland (to my knowledge, I'm sure there's a few exceptions) have not been introduced to our new plan at this time, we get it in the new year, the rational being that we can be easily confused over the christmas break. And this is the first time I have physically seen any weightwatchers product with the new design and pointed using the new system. My excitement turned me into crazy girl and there I stood, in tesco snapping pictures of a jar of sauce I would never buy.



And there was a jar of the old design too, so I had to take a picture of that too.


Fully aware I'm nuts. But very excited for the new plan!


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