St. Patricks's Day Celebrations

Not that anyone needs an excuse, but I'm actually Irish and I love St. Patrick's Day.
I work Saturdays and booked it off work. The last Saturday I booked off work was the 29th October 2011. So I deserved it. Gavin was free that day so we had an entire day together (it's shocking how little this ever happens).

Basically this post is me throwing my hands up and admitting to the awful eating and lying about, complete with photos.

Starting with the roses Gavin got me.
I'm a sucker for red roses.

And then the shop I work in have gotten these over the last few weeks.

Not entirely keen on the beef ones, the Titanics are yummy though. No clue on the propoint values as I've been very bold and just eaten them.  My calculator is now in my bag though so if I feel a desire to have another packet, it will be pointed.

So on St Patricks Day we went out for Breakfast.
Big pot of tea and water. Lovely.

Waiting for Breakfast:

 We both ordered probably the most unhealthy thing of the menu, but it was pretty much the only meal we had that day. The rest was alcohol, tayto and skittles haha.

Delicious though, despite probably being about 80pp.


We were drinking our home made cocktails all evening. That was the first of an obscene amount.


Cookie dough, because why not?

Imported yummyness

I love baby ruth bars, so glad they're too dear to have too often though.

And leaving you with a wee drunken picture of us.

I know I was awful over the weekend food and drink wise. But pushing the weekend behind me I want to focus on what I said last Friday about working on the bad habits I've picked up again. This week will be better.


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