Getting back on Track: Food.

I got my Tesco order delivered yesterday. So thought I'd share what I'm eating for the week. I don't do these kind of posts often because what I eat week on week really doesn't change that much. I eat the same 20 meals over and over again.

One thing I did do this week, seeing as I am back to basics, is that I actually pointed everything in my fridge. Even staples - like this Tesco cheese, which I knew to be 2pp got re-pointed, just in case. And I wrote over them with permanent marker to remind me.

Everything got this treatment.

And as a side note has anyone tried that Philadelphia with the chocolate? I know I'm probably the last to this party but it's lovely. Bit sickening, but yum.

Nothing escaped my calculator and red marker, butter, sauce, milk, cheese, yogurt, mince, turkey, everything got pointed.

In my pointing frenzy I did work out that I have been pointing frozen chips wrong since I started weightwatchers. I've been weighing them frozen but calculating from cooked. So pretty much denying myself a few points. I'm not actually all that sure how to point frozen chips now. How many frozen grams = cooked grams? I'm going to be google researching that soon. Can't believe for two years I've been doing this. Doh!

So, onto my meals.

As always I can't stomach breakfast when I first wake. I have tea or coffee. A piece of fruit and sometimes a yogurt. Weightwatchers summer fruits (2pp each) or my favourite Greek Yogurt (2pp for 100g - Yum yum yum). My selection of fruit this week is the following.

I keep my fruit by the front door so I can grab a piece on my way to work.

All zero points obviously.

I'm also trying to fix my blender (it stopped working a few months ago, someone gave me the idea that it's the fuse, so yesterday I took the plug apart so I can see what the fuse is to replace. Hopefully that will work because I don't want to go and buy another one. So once the blender is done I have mixed frozen fruit in the freezer which I like to turn into smoothies in the morning - and hopefully some home made soups.

My lunches vary, most of the time because they wind up being late breakfasts.
  • Cereal, shredded wheat and porridge mostly. I have both with banana and a tiny bit of maple syrup in my porridge.
  • Baked potato and egg salad. One of my favourites, love baked potatoes. And my eggs were laid by my aunts hens, fun!
  • Eggs and toast, generally boiled or scrambled as they are easiest, but love a poached egg too.
  • Soup.
  • Tuna salad & pita bread.
  • Fish and Chips was last night's meal (breaded haddock), and it will do another. Fish was 7propoints. The chips were only 3 once I weighed them cooked and looked at the actual nutritional value. It was bulked out with vegetables too.
  • Home made burgers from extra lean mince. Works out at 4 pro-points a burger, salad and butternut squash chips (0pp) The burger buns we get are generally 4 pro-points each too. I also add cheese (2pp) and salsa (0pp).
  • Fajitas! Made with diced turkey(5pp), tonnes of spice, tonnes of veg and wrapped up in pita bread this week (4pp each)
  • Spaghetti Bolognese, I make meat balls from the extra lean mince (I work out the points depending on how many meat balls is made). Whole wheat spaghetti (7pp), and a load of veg. 
  • Chow Mien with prawns and wholewheat noodles and veg. Yum yum yum. (When I have this, Gavin has pizza), it'll probably be Saturday, low point dinner normally means a few alcoholic drinks.
  • I have another punnet of diced turkey but I have no clue what to do with that yet. Probably more fajitas or a curry, but I'm open to suggestions if you have any?
A few weeks ago I really tried to stamp out the random grazing I was getting so bad at in work, and I pretty much succeeded. I focused on my meals being full of filling and healthy foods so snacking recently has been quite minimal. I'm hoping to stick with that. I will be carrying fruit, the stuff pictured above, and cherry tomatoes to work so I am not tempted by everything when my blood sugar levels goes down.

Water, tea, coffee, sugar free squash make up the bulk of my liquids each day. I don't like drinking points. And I've alwasy taken my hot drinks black.

  • I have chocolate bars that are 2 points for 4 squares
  • Calorie controlled corn snack crisps (2pp)
  • My Aero Hot chocolate (3pp)
  • Tequila / Vodka (2pp for a single shot measure) and diet Club Orange or my Weight watchers Sicilian Lemonade (loving this stuff), both 0pp.
So that's my food for the week! I'm focusing on my portion control this week and tracking.
Feeling really, really determined.


  1. I love that you have written on the foods how many propoints are in it, think maybe I should do that with all the unhealthy ones in my house...

    good luck for your week back on track



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