Weigh in and week in review.

This morning was my first weigh in since getting back on track and I had a loss! A lovely 4.5lbs! I am so chuffed with myself over it.

I had a good enough week, so a loss was expected, just not of that size. My first goal was to have lost 5-7lbs by the 8th May, that's the weigh in that is closest to Gavin and my sisters birthday, and today's weigh in has bitten quite a chunk out of it.

The best thing that happened this week is something I can't actually talk about here yet. Hopefully in the next fortnight though.
The worst thing is that I had a little health scare, nothing serious, I'm okay, but it made me a bit iffy about any exercise other than walking this week. I do want to bring up my activity levels to make up for it, so I'm planning to do some gentle cycling over the next week and maybe return to running the following week. I'm still easing myself in though.

The biggest difficulty I came across this week was actually food. I was within my points all but one day (Friday, had champagne, only day I ate into my weeklys and not by much). But then another day I only had about 12 points the entire day. I couldn't physically eat anything that night without wanting to vomit. But that wasn't the problem throughout the week. I didn't appropriately plan my day of food, meaning on some days I was half starving myself for no good reason at all. This is something that never happens with me on weightwatchers. I am very rarely hungry on it. So it's something I know I need to fix in the upcoming week.

So my priorities for this coming week are:
  • to plan and regulate my eating times so I am satisfied the whole day, I only did that 3 days last week. I want to make that everyday, even if it means dipping into my weekly points, that is after all what they're there for.
  • Move more to lose more. Get in at least three gentle cycles along with the high levels of walking I do.
  • And my goal is to lose 1lb.
 All quite do-able.

I took some photos of a few delicious dinners this week I wanted to share, but my silly SD card isn't working and wants to be formatted so alas, this post will be picture-less.

I'm still really positive about being back on plan, and the large loss, has really spurred me on to have an even better week this time. I realised I haven't actually mentioned it yet, but this is my first time using propoints to lose weight, as I originally lost all my weight on the Discover Plan and have used propoints to maintain.

Might squeeze another post in later this week, but if not, I'll be back next Tuesday after weigh in with an update.

Sarah xx

P.S. If you haven't seen it already, I blogged about being in the weightwatchers UK magazine, Does Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred work? My article is now up on the blog!


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