Weightwatchers is in Northern Ireland 25 years!

Posting this from my tablet so hope it formats in a nice and legible way.
I just received an email from weightwatchers Ireland to inform me of their latest deal!
If you want to join, or rejoin weightwatchers this week it will cost you just 25p plus the weekly fee!
A brilliant deal, if, like me, you have fallen off the wagon recently and need the structured help that comes with a meeting.
I'll probably be taking advantage of it myself!
You can find your local meetings here: www.weightwatchers.ie/meetings.html
It's in celebration of weightwatchers 25th year in Northern Ireland!!!
And I can not stress this enough. This is not a sponsored post. I am on their mailing list and thought I would share as I am asked quite frequently how much is it to join/ rejoin and this deal is too good to keep to myself.
Will be posting more frequently soon, back from a wee holiday last weekend, a post on my food planning for the week. And of course, back to meetings!
I will also be posting a copy of the article/review that I wrote for the weightwatchers UK magazine so that all my international friends can see!
In the mean time you get a picture of me on my recent road trip. Posing with sunglasses.
Tad obsessed with sunglasses


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