Update! 6th Feb 2012

Last week was a bit of a bad one. I was super busy, I had an interview that I was in preparation for and then I had work (as normal) and ate out for my brothers 18th birthday (I feel so so old, how can my baby brother be 18?!) and then a Domino's Pizza on the night after my interview. Hoping it went well, but I won't find out until about April time.

Other than the birthday and the treat night, it wasn't all that bad. Just one of those weeks that when I'm bad I'm very bad. It also didn't help that I only tracked about a quarter of the time. This week I really, really, really want to work on the tracking. Because without tracking and thinking back I think I'm being too hard on myself. Yes I had very weak moments this week but the rest of the time I was actually pretty good when I look back at what I have tracked and think about my behaviours in work and meeting up with friends for coffee. I need to track so I can be truthful to myself.

Focusing on the positive this week, I was quite active. Clocking 26 activity points through the week. This week I'd like to at least match that if not beat it. I can track my activity on my phone easily so that's how I know that it was 26 specifically.

To cheer up this post, here is some pictures of the week, mostly from dinner with the family, though somehow I don't have a single picture of my parents, suppose that's 'cus they were on the same side of the table as me.


Me and the wonderful Gav


Birthday boy



My brother is tee-total, so this is me and him toasting our non-alcoholic cocktails (I was driving) and gavin pulling a pretty face.


Main, yum yum.



Sister and brother, seriously iphones are so sucky for taking pictures.


I baked a cake for David.


Coffee and Ferrero Roche in work


Clements with Declan


So I could give him his uber belated pressie.


My newest addiction. Lipton Iced Green Tea with lemon. Yum.


So, aims for this week, track track track. I'm still using the non-counting approach for now.

Keep at the activity, try match last week.

Schedule some more blog time into my week so I can update more here. I do have something very exciting happening in the three or four weeks. So I should hopefully manage a few bits and pieces up. When I blog I always seem to have better weeks.

Must go now, going for a wee cycle.

Sarah xx


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