Seriously bad Saturday

I hate Saturdays. They are by fair the worst day in the week. And I think that's because it is the one day I have a full day of work in the sweet shop. Bordom used to mean munching. But as I stated in my last blog, I think I had the control down by now.

So I thought.

Yesterday was a bad day. Nothing bad happened or made me want to be bold, but I was anyway and overall throughout the day went half a point over my allotted daily point intake, that's not a lot to most of you, but I never ever do that. I usually save at least four with intentions to never use them. So I'm really quite disappointed in myself.

it started absolutely grand, cereal and coffee for breakfast, but then came the Riesen bar. Evil temptation.


I'd never even tried one before yesterday and to be fair, it was nice, but not all that nice. Not nice enough to eat it all. And yet I did.

And the guilt stayed with me throughout the day, the stressful day in work (I'm seriously not cut out at all for retail. I hate people), went home, had dinner and had three drinks, all of which made me go over and into that extra half a point.

I think I'm more annoyed because I wanted to lose 4lbs this week and make it into my 2stone mark, but apon doing my own sneaky at home weigh ins I don't think that will happen this week.

Even still the determination, spurred on perhaps with yesterdays guilt and watching the London Marathon on TV this morning made me get ready for a treadmill ruin, not an outside run because there are too many people out running today.


I've decided to try and get some full body pics every now and then so I can get track physically how I'm changing, I know I've lost 5 inches around the waist  but I've no pictures to really see the change, so going to try that for a while. (excuse the severe mess of room, which has since been cleaned)

And todays wee work out involved my ps2 eye toy kinetic (screw all you with your wiis and your money, I'm a student with jack all!) though to be fair to the eyetoy kinetic it is super fun.

This fella on youtube (link opens in a different window) is actually playing the combat game I was playing today, though he is obviously playing a lot better than I can, he also has a huge room while I have just my livingroom.

After eyetoy time I ran a mile on the treadmill


Love my treadmill but very annoyed how much it took out of me to get the run done in just under 10 minutes. I was completely knackered.

I might try a wee cycle later, after I finish cleaning my neglected house and I'm definately doing two miles tomorrow plus something else yet to be decided.

Next blog will probably be Tuesday, weigh-in day, and we'll see if I managed the 2stone by then (Betcha I'll be about 0.5lb off the 28lb mark!)



wee edit in here:

I'm still hopeful about Tuesday and I'm not letting the badness of yesterday deter me. Going to work extra hard now to make up for it!


Second wee edit:

A further thing to piss me off with the Riesen Bar was that it had no nutritional values to it! OK, I did have it down for 4points (the bar) but after my friend Anna asking I realised I'm sure I could google the nutritional value right?

And I did, to find out that it is in fact only 3.5 points! Yay! (See

So over all I actually came in on target! Awesome!


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