There was a few questions I got emailed or tweeted after yesterdays blog. The first being the two rude girls I have the dislike for, and no! they weren't there!!! Another possible contributing factor to why I enjoyed the meeting so much on Tuesday. There were the other two, but I can deal with them :)

Another question I've gotten from someone is "do I find it hard to stick to?" And honestly yes, at the beginning, but obviously on the programme over two months now and it's a lot easier now. I think I read somewhere that it takes 28 days of doing something for it to become a habit and I think that's the way things are for me because although sometimes I am wanting to just eat everything in the sweetie shop I work in, I've actually been incredibly good!

Anyway, this post is for Claire who asked me to pretty please come up with a list of food I would recommend seeing as she's a new start and a bit overwhelmed.

Starting with something bright, Gavin bought me new flowers:


My scales are the most important thing in my kitchen 'cus I quite suck at working out weight and portion size. Both bought in asda living and for not all that much if I remember.


These tuna tins are possibly my favourtie weight watchers products ever, I think I've tried the majority of the flavours, the best being the tomatio and herb (pictured) followed by the thousand island, the mayo and sweetcorn isn't the best, but it's quite good in a toastie.


The tuna tins are simply brilliant spread across two cracker bread!


I love bread, but I can't bare to give the points to regular bread, or even the weightwatchers bread when I can get this. Lovely for a sandwich, great for toast or a toastie though you need to keep a good eye on it as it burns quickly.


Miso Soup, handly and yummy, half a point too :)


I like soup a lot, so had to try these. The regualr tomato soup is lovely, just like the normal heinz soup, I'm not sure if it was the tomato and herb or the tomato and basil soup that was horrible. The chicken soup is also really lovely, I haven't got round to trying the mexican spicy bean. Though may have it later.


The below three all have half a point for every 2/3 slices. Yay for low point sandwiches.


General good lower point butter that still tastes good.


Best cheese in the world! currently on offer in tesco for a pound a packet. 1.5points a slice and still retains the taste of good cheese :)


I normally buy the greek yogurt version of this which is beautiful, but lifted the wrong pot, though this is stioll quite nice, love dipping chopped fruit in it.


Self-explanatory this one isn't it? Normally go the extra lite, but this one was half price. So that won me over.


I'm not one for milk, apart from in the cereal and this is the lowest I can get point wise, Gav uses it in his tea and cereal and would drink a glass of it without complaining so must be good right?


I get these from my meetings and I LOVE them. Five in the box and they just taste brilliant. I also got a box of nut bars too, they were also lovely, but not as good as these.


Also really yummy, can't go wrong with cranberry and white chocolate


These were a savory biscuit, possibly with chive in it, I chucked out the box, not too good on their own but lovely with cheese (low fat garlic and herb philadelphia)


Some of you know I like baking, Idon't do it too much now, obviously but have bought these for myself 'cus I have plans this weekend to make cookies for Gav.


Sugar free jelly is 0 points, great to get the wee pots, but got these to try out, so far only had the raspberry and it was great too!


I sickened myself with Special K so have started this, so good :)


I know I've been really positive so far because everything I've had so far has been quite good. This dressing however was horrible, too thick, too cheap tasting. I was not amused! DO not waste your money!


Adore the weight watchers summer fruits yogurts, you get four in a pack, one of each, strawberry and raspberry (0.5points per pot) and black cherry and peach (1pont per pot)


Poiint free coat for frying, not that I fry much, but good to make sure an egg keeps at 1.5 points.


These a way nicer than the weightwatcher chips, do love the oven chips, never one for fried ones.


Tried a few of the weightwatchers frozen dinners, beef hotpot and the ocean pie probably my favourite, so good for a quick meal, especially at lunch time in work.


This is brilliant for its price, same reasons as the last one.


Also staples in my kitchen are fresh veg, mostly peppers, jacket potatoes, carrots and chilli peppers, and bags of frozen veg in the freezer are brilliant. Then of course all manners of fruit :)

I don't drink points at all. Helpful that I take my tea and coffee black.

Finally another awesome wee tool i have is a points calcuator, I know you can get them from the meetings and magazines but point a, I spend enough without adding a tenner to get one, and point b. I carry enough in my handbag without adding something else. So after trailing through the internet for weeks on a search for a good app either for my ipod touch or my Symbian 60 Nokia I finally found one. From this site, I'm yet to find one that's decent on the itunes app store.

Speaking of the magazines, they're brilliant and a fantastic wee way to get some inspiration by the way, I thoroughly recommend the magazines.


So now I've a question to you guys, anything I'm missing? Anything at all? Food? Books? I haven't seen any of the books at all, I'll add to this range of my wee reccomendations as I try things.

Hope this helps you Claire! (and others)


Sarah xx


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