weigh-in 8 & running pictures

Totally aware theat this weigh-in is a wee bit late but this last week i have been completely overwhelmed with uni work, who would have though last semester in final year would be so effing stressful?

Anyway, I think it's been a good week. Well it would be when I go to the weigh-in and I'm down another 3lbs :) So very pleased. Obviously. I wasn't expecting to be down the 3lbs considering I just forgot about exercise for the second half of the week thank you essays, but I did do a lot of Friday so I suppose that must have made up for it. I took pictures when I went on my run around the waterworks on Friday and thought I'd share some. No baby duckies yet, but I'm sure they'll be around soon.

















They were all taken while running hense the sometimes silly camera angles.

I thought I had loads of news to share this week but apparently not, my mind is completely closing up.

I suppose the biggest news of the week is that one of my best friends has just signed up to my meetings, great because I know I've got three others starting, but none are coming to my class despite the fact I keep telling them my leader Jackie is actually one of the best ever. Anyway the best friend has started with her mam and her aunt! I'm very pleased even just so I'm able to see her every week, as we sadly hardly ever get to see eachother.

And I think my final piece of weightwatchers news is that my mam has hitt her 10% weightloss mark and is now at her target weight! Go Mammy!!!! So what she has to do is work out her maintanence plan for about three weeks then she becomes a gold member! So very chuffed for her!

Onto some normal life stuff, uni was an actual bitch this week, I had the mother of all assignments to do, which I eventually did but it took me so damn long to get it in, and I couldn't concentrate anywhere, well to be fair, I did get a lot done sitting outside on the trampoline.


when I wasn't taking photographs of course, the sky looked really really nice that evening so I had to take loads of pictures, it was really odd not getting any planes in the pictures







I expecially liked this next image though it looked better in reality of the clouds reflected in the open window




I was quite pleased withmyself for going for a 1.5 point lunch when I was in uni on Tuesday


But of course the bold lady I am I had to have 2 wispas throughout the weekk and I tried these


which were some of the oddest crisps I've ever tried! And I quite liked them! But they were so very odd, some of them tasted of just garlic butter! And finally before I go and get ready to go to my lectures today, this is my complete new love


It's my reward drink, I'm letting myself have them when I finish something for uni, when I tidy up the house, when i have a good day of exercise, and at no points there's no guilt either! Yay!


Oh yes, I've been asked by a reader would I do a wee review blog on some of the weightwatchers items I've purchased as she's new to the game and not sure where to start, I'm drafting it at the minute so will hopefully be up by the weekend, I'm probably going to add in other healthy options too that aren't actually weightwatchers, but I think are better! So that will be up soon! next uni assignment is a presentation for monday!

Til then,

Sarah x


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