update and april goals

I lost one and three quarter pounds this week bringing my twelve week total since rejoin to 19 and a half. I am quite pleased with this, but part of me wanted to hit the 20lb mark so I could get my new badge reward (for every 10lbs I lose I buy myself a vintage weight watchers brooch)  but that will be something to look forward to next week.

All in all I had a good week. Everything was within points, I planned well, had every day tracked, a few activity points a earned here and there and I am very pleased with my loss considering it was my mummy's birthday and I was on cake baking duty.

April goals I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I want to continue with tracking. I still can't believe I have clocked nearly 90 days of consecutive tracking. That app I use to track is actually perfect motivation for me. I know I keep saying it but it really is! And I want to exercise more. I have started a c25k program again (another post to come) and I am hoping I can stick this one out, I have scheduled at least 30 mins into my week days for exercise and a full hour in the weekend so I am hoping actually putting the time aside and knowing what I am due to do will help me actually stick to it. Little steps!


  1. congrats your doing great!! it just shows that hard work pays off!! I need to get better at planning my exercise and sticking to it when a better offer comes up or i'm tired, whats your secret? xx

  2. Well done! You are doing great and great job setting your goals. I loved the c25k app, it's so easy to get going with. Xx


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