Checking in

As promised I am checking in with my weigh in and my activity.

I decided not to hold off until after my birthday and just dive in with a bit of extra activity. I have a plan and I am hopefully sticking to it, yesterday was day 1 and it was sore. 29 more to go!

Walking wise I am pleased with my week. It has been one of the highest mileage weeks I have managed in quite a while! 25.87! And that was with me forgetting to put it on myself on Saturday (though I doubt I walked much then. I stayed in all day)

Food wise I remained in my points but completely pillaged my weeklies, normally I only dip into about 10 of them but with the world cup final I decided to let go (but still point it all) with all my activity points I was well within points but weightwatchers math doesn't always make sense.

Last week I was overjoyed and somewhat suspicious of my 4.4lb loss.
 Well it wound up turning into a 4.4lb gain this week.

I am disappointed. For the work that has been put in I don't think it is deserved. 
I'm more disappointed because this weekend is my birthday and there will be a few restaurant dinners. I will still point it all, still use my pedometer, and still try to stick to my exercise plan but if I can get a 4.4 gain when I am within everything, goodness knows what next week will be. 

But then I normally see a gain when I exercise. No matter what I do, extra points, less points there's never a consistent loss. 

I suppose I can only keep going, if I don't It will all definitely come back on. 

(And before I get tweets/ emails/ comments. I don't think my body is in shock. I walk quite a bit,  granted this week more than usual but exercise is not foreign to me. At least walking anyway. And the whole muscle thing isn't right. No one gains that much muscle in a week. I shall just have to get on with it)   


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