July update

So yet again I have neglected the blog. But for once that is not because I have went off the rails. I haven't. I've actually done really well. I have been tracking everything since January, not a day missed. Even when on mini breaks! And as a result I am down 30lbs with about 20 to go before I hit my goal.
I've managed to fall into a great routine and I use instagram for inspiration these days. 

Anyway, losing weight has proven longer this time round and I think it is for a good few reasons.

1. I'm on a different program, using propoints now as opposed to discover program. I feel like the weight melted off me last time but that is not the case at all this time. I won't be returning to the discover program because I feel in the long run propoints gives me better behaviours and is easier to live with.

2. I am doing it online now. I like the subscription, I like the recipes and I love the android app. Last time I was a student and worked part time so had more time for planning, the app has proven to be my best friend in recent months because my phone is always with me where a paper tracker isn't. But then I don't have the support of a group or the social aspect of it which is sad at times, but I make do. My best friend, mum and sister are all on it (mixture of classes and online) so I still sort of have a group, plus a lovely chum in work who is joining up soon.

3. Exercise. Oh exercise it always comes down to you. I am just not as active as I used to be. And fitting it in with full time work is a pain. I am not one of those people who can exercise at 6am then head to work. Well I am, but I turn into tired, grumpy mega birch for the rest of the day and I don't want to be that person.
I joined a gym last year for the classes and loved it for about a month until all the classes moved times and no longer suited me.
I took up running again this year but gave up after a month because I just don't enjoy it, at all. Not even a tiny bit. I spend the entire time wanting to be back and hating every second. I never got back to that 'runners high' so I stopped. I have only ran for races I have signed up to this year since. (yay shiny medals, will totally run for shiny things if someone wants to reward me ever time haha)
Which leaves me to DVDs. Last time I used a load of these and my ps2 to exercise. I also walked a lot more than I do now. So I have been formulating a plan.

On goes the pedometer. I have a Weight watchers one I bought shortly after the propoints system was rolled out which I never wear because I only wear dresses and skirts (don't own any trousers at all, nor do I want to). It has lived in my dressing table for years but in the last few weeks has been dusted off and worn on my bra strap (lovely lady on Twitter told me her leader did this and I can't believe I never thought to do it before). Worn there it is very accurate, actually more accurate than if I put it on the waist of a skirt plus it is out of sight (it's blue and white so would stick out if worn on waist band). 

SnapChat pic sorry

I have worn it recently trying to make sure I am getting in enough activity as my job is sitting at a desk all day but now I have decided to keep track of my mileage. I'm going to weigh in here and give an update on my miles and how the week is going. I sometimes do that on instagram but a lot of the time don't want to clog up my timeline with weigh in results.
After my birthday I think I might dig out Gillian Michael's 30 day shred. It was a tough DVD which might give me a boot to get moving again. 30 minutes a day isn't that bad.
My next goal is to lose a further stone (14lbs) by the end of September and hit my goal by Christmas. Which I think is realistic if I stick to it. I have an entire wardrobe of beautiful dresses I can't fit into any more and I really want back in them.

Attitude wise I still think something has clicked in me. I feel great about myself now, my body at least. Where as last time round when I was this weight there was definite self loathing happening and punishing myself if I dropped the ball. Now I am disappointed in myself if I do that, but it is tracked, no punishment needed and I continue on.
I got a new bikini last weekend and I feel great in it. And despite my issues with my tummy I won't be wearing a tank over it. Lots of little progress can be found but really must work on the exercise.

I will get there. I have done it before and I can do it again.

Now if you will excuse me. I am about to blow all my weeklies on wine and nibbles and enjoy the world cup final!

PS not expecting a loss this week due to a massive 4.4lb loss last week, but still within points and racked up some activity.


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