February and March Goals Updated

I need more hours in the day, I have a few writing projects on the go and making time for them all is hard.
We have long hit the halfway point of March and I have not even got round to rounding up February and my hopes for March, so here we go.

Tracking, exercise and me time were the biggies and what I wanted to focus on.

Tracking I expected to be difficult because I had a trip away for a wedding as well as Valentine's day to contend with. But with some determination I still managed to track everything. Even on my weekend away I managed to point everything, yes I had a gain but I think if I did not point, it would have been much worse.

I already put up a post about this but I am very proud of my behaviour. Yesterday was St Patrick's day and I managed to have the entire day under points. This is big for me, I haven't been so focused since I joined weight watchers the first time. Managed to lose one pound this week! Yay! Sad thing is losing a point a day, but sure.

Exercise has occurred, but it hasn't been consistent. I am yet to integrate it properly into my life and this is probably what I want to focus on most for what remains of March and all of April.

Me time has also occurred, I have been able to work on a wee writing project and I have been gardening so that has been good. I am hoping to start to get some long walks soon with my camera now that better weather should be coming in but we shall see.

I am ridiculously messy but I like this, it is therapeutic.

I don't think I actually wrote my weight aims last time but I want to average 5lb loss a month, I think it is a realistic and achievable goal.

February's loss was actually 7 and a quarter which was brilliant, and March so far has been 6! So I've broken those goals already!

I would like to get a 5lb loss in April, I am conscious that it will be Easter and a birthday to contend with but it is still doable.

Tracking will have to continue, I can't break my streak at this point (seriously that app is great and really appeals to the competitive idiot that is me). Look! I am at 71 days now!

Exercise, I will make more of an effort, I am aware I have had a great loss so far but without exercise this will not continue.

I will write more here! I have a recipe one to post but I want to cook it again to get better photos as I didn't have my camera charged last time.


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