late weekly roundup

I typed this on Tuesday 25th and forgot to post it. Oopsie.

I have a been a bit annoyed with my weigh in this week.

I lost 0.5lbs, which I know is still good, a loss is a loss and most other weeks as long as I see the number go down I am happy.

But this week I was very strict with myself. I was not allowed any weeklies, everything was tracked of course. But I actually brought exercise back into the equation. Getting 12 weekly points, which I did not eat.

Now I know that it might take a while for it to catch up, but I still find it discouraging on weeks like this. I am an impatient lady, I want results now. I feel worse though because I wanted 1lb so much this week.
I suppose next week will just have to do.

Next week I take my monthly measurements and photos so hopefully a difference will be seen in those.

Positives of this week can be found.
I found an old jumper dress that fits me again!
I bought a new top which I thought I would have to wait a few weeks to slim into, but it fits!
And the big one was that a girl I work with asked me am I losing, it's nice when someone who doesn't know notices my efforts.

Photos of the week are partly from my jaunts around the park, and food.


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