February Goals

How on earth is it February already? It is frightening how quickly this year is flying in already.

So new month means new goals.

1. Tracking, for me this is always a necessity. I don't track and everything goes out the window. Like some of the lovely ladies on twitter and instagram I use an app as a wee boost to record how well I am going, a habit tracker, as well as the weight watchers app to actually track. I need to keep doing that.

2. Exercise, I said before how I want to integrate this into my life. I'm starting to do this and enjoying it, I want to increase it to a point where it is beneficial for weight loss as well as stress relief. I think I want to run again, so I am going to try it.

3. Me time, what it says. Taking care of me. I have been doing a fair bit of yoga recently and I feel so good from it, nice long baths and reading time. Me time is fun time.

I am having a clean start, I only worked out last night that I can actually delete my weight history on the weight watchers app. I like this, I like I can get the same encouragement and goals I did last time and take with me the lessons I learnt from last time.

I had weigh in today and am down another 2lbs! 
That's 9 in four weeks. Massive for me :-)


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