Every wall is a door.


I've been incredibly fed up recently. Stressed doesn't even begin to cover most of it. As said in my last post I just have not had the time at all for anything. But I have tried to be mindful of my eating and I haven't lost or gained weight. I'm pleased with that. I know I can and will get back to myself once this dissertation is finished.

But I've felt very negative over the last few weeks and just like I am hitting a brick wall over everything.

A friend told me an Emerson quote "Every wall is a door" and I think it has been my new motto since.

What I choose to take from it is that I may feel like I am hitting walls with various aspects of my life, but it is nothing I can't overcome. Every wall can be overcame. I can smash the wall down, I can climb over it, I can dig and go under or around it. Hell, I can make a door and just walk through. But I can do it. I've did it all before! And I can do it all again.

This evening I am feeling good, inspired and ready to take on the world. And I hope my revelation can do the same for you!



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