wee weekly update.

I miss my weightwatchers class. I miss Jackie my weightwatchers leader, I miss the giggles I'd have with those in my class and I really miss feeling in the know about what is happening with weightwatchers that I get from attending the class.

I can't find the time to return to a class so am continuing to do it online. Which is fine. I can do it that way. But it doesn't mean I don't miss actually talking to people about weightwatchers.

I also miss relying on my folder. The website isn't compatible with my phone (seriously weightwatchers, make your website mobile browser compatible or release a proper android app across all phones) and I think my books are out of date for the plan updates so when I'm out and about I'm feeling a bit lost at times.

Anyway, last week was good (well minus treat night, but treat night was just that, a treat. A wine and chocolate filled treat.) Eating was very mixed, but a definite improvement from the last few weeks

I think it's counting of pro-points that's letting me down. When I actually sit and count my points I'm feeling very fed up and then the temptation to just not bother sets in. I was able for the most part to push it aside because there is no way I'm putting any more weight back on. I am determined to be back at goal by Easter. Which is roughly my 2 year anniversary with weightwatchers. A realistic goal, plenty of time to do it.

So my plan for this week (suggested by the website) is to take the Simply Filling approach. That way I don't have to worry about counting, I'm focusing on choosing the best foods for myself.

Yesterday was my first full day doing it and it worked out well for me. I'm hoping to continue it into today and for the rest of the week. Come Sunday, depending on how I feel I might return to the traditional counting method. I think, we'll see closer to the time.

I've tonnes on at the minute so keeping organised is the key to success.


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