Obviously there was a weight gain last week as I last blogged about, this week I did vow to get back tracking.

And I did. I physically wrote down everything that went into my mouth this week. Problem is, although I managed to get structure back into my day,, and then meals were better, I was still going over my points, those of you who follow my weightwatches twitter account (@redrunner182) may have noticed me pondering last week about eating points.

I can have 22 points a day at the minute and it's been like that for this last while. I normally always banked four points a day, not necessarily to use, just to have in case, and if I didn't need them then I let them go. But it's dawned on me that obviously my weight loss is slowing a lot, and for a lot of reasons. I have seven pounds to go to hit goal as I type this, an hour or so befroe my weigh-in. But I had a reader who emailed me last week (Hi Jane!) that said that she was experienceing a similar kind of thing after losing 28lbs and then took to eating all her given points a day and her weight loss has went back to it's regular 1.5 - 2lbs a week, as opposed to half to one lb a week.

I tweeted about it to be told that most people think that, and it makes sense, I mean you are given x amount of points a day for a reason, you can eat them and still lose weight, the banking system is really just for having an indulgence day (not a binge day).


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