Holy Crap, I blogged a catching up post

I have been back on weightwatchers for a few months now, initially doing well but then hitting a plateau. So things needed shaken up. I can't stand losing and gaining the same 2lbs over and over again.

I am still doing weightwatchers online. And it does work, but I need that little bit more support, so I am doing a weekly check in with one of my besties (Anna) who is also doing it online.  Tuesday past was our first weigh in together and I put on half a pound. I was disgusted with myself, I was expecting a loss despite going out for dinner at Rocky Horror Cabaret and a takeaway. Thinking back over the week it was a bit ridiculous expecting a loss, even with the exercise I did (lots of walking).

Anyhey, here's a few pictures from Rocky horror night, 

Myself and the awesome Emma (@intheseheels). I look drunk here, I wasn't I had half a glass of prosecco.

Brilliant and catchy ukulele entertainment

Riff raff, his hair was nuts and he made us laugh so much

I'm not drinking alcohol at the minute and they had nothing for any alcohol free cocktails, so I made do with home made lemonade and long waiting water.

Duck starter, very soft, don't think I would try again though

Chicken for my main, much nicer than the starter but still not great to be honest.
It was a brilliant night, if you do go to the Supper Club though, don't expect great food or service, do not under any circumstances try the chips but the entertainment was great for the most part. Would love to see it again.

Anyway, just looking at the food above and the takeaway that I didn't even take pictures of, it's a miracle I only put on half a pound.

But it has me firm that I want a proper loss this week, to the point that holy crap, I actually want to blog.

The weightwatchers android app has been updated again and I must say, it is outstanding. A beautiful interface and it actually works, with very few bugs that I have encountered so far and it supports the higher end android devices. I love how I can actually track on it and to be honest, it has been my saviour this week, I find physically writing my food and activity into a diary or the trackers tend to start well but I forget, so far I have done very well with the app. Possibly because it is new, but I hope that this is turning into a good habit.

Which brings me to the last week or so's food porn,

Caesar Salad and beer, 4 propoints

Olives, 2 propoints.

The Zero heroes Fruit & Veg bowl and my beautiful new table cloth!

Dinner. Homemade spicy chicken and veg. And mexican rice. Yum yum. #food #weightwatchers #wwfooddiary #10pp
Spicy Chicken and Rice, 10 propoints.

This mornings breakfast #favfoodever #nofilter #wwfooddiary #zeroheroes
The most delicious fruit salad for breakfast, 0propoints, pity I had no Greek yoghurt on hand that day.

Cross between scones and rock cakes. Taste yum with jam :-) #sazzsbakery #sazzstearoom #baking #yum
I baked these wee scones, they were somewhere between a scone and rockcake, 4 propoints each with butter and jam.

Tonights fun :-) #hairybikers #goh
Hairy bikers!
We went and seen the Hairy Bikers last Sunday, an awesome evening out, they were hilarious and made the most amazing smelling food, what I also loved that the recipes were in the programme, which I obviously had to buy and make an attempt at.

Hairy bikers curry. #wwfooddiary #6pp yum yum yum.
half of this entire pan for only 6propoints!
That curry was such good value for points, I do love spicy foods, this will be a staple in my diet now. I regret not buying their curry cook book at the gig. I have been quite bored of our diet at the minute. I like on fajitas it seems. So I've been asking twitter for inspiration, what is your favourite lunch and dinner? I'd love to know.


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