Entering the Race for Life 2013

I wrote last week about me and exercise and how I want to be able to run again. And how difficult it has been since I have tried. Shins haven't hurt the way that they used to, but my calves have. Normally I can hit about the minute mark and they have been tightening up and no amount of stretching before and after jogs or icing seems to have helped.

I've been at a bit of a loss over what to do if I'm honest, and at times been so very tempted to just pack it in.
So I was thinking of things to get me properly motivated and needing to do it again and I thought of the race for life. Now I have done this before (and blogged about it), and the race this year takes the same route so I know what to expect. But this year, signing up isn't enough. I got both my friend Anna and my sister signed up too!

So that was motivation for all of a week and in that week I have had the super super painful calves which I am now believing (must be) to do with my hydration levels. So I'm trying to up my water intake. Trying.
I'm racing the morning race on the 2nd June and looking forward to it, I did really enjoy the last race I participated in and am hoping this year it should be more fun with more people.

I am of course also fund raising, so if you could spare a few pennies my sponsorship online form can be found here (link opens in a new window). Or you can Text SAZZ95 £1 to 70070 to sponsor me today. Thanks.

I am hopefully going to blog about the training and at the end of it, have a bit of money to donate to the charity and get myself a new medal!

The Race For Life 2011
Feeling proud of my last medal and in need of my beer.
So far, training has just been a few jogs and walks. I think I need to find a c25k program to get me going with running again, and try address this calf issue.


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