The Race For Life 2011

This time last month I was super excited for the race for life. Even though I was the only person I knew doing the afternoon session, I was hoping to get up a bit early and see all those who were registered for the morning one. Some of which I've never met and really hope to (Lesley I'm looking at you!). But alas things never go to plan. Anna and Bernie went on holiday to Poland so didn't do it. Lesley also got a weekend break away so wasn't there. Beth broke her leg and Nicola missed out on the sign up.

So it got to the point where I simply didn't want to do it and I hadn't ran since my last event. The 3 mile Belfast Marathon Run. I have had a horrible, shitty and stressful month. I had no intentions of going and doing it. I also managed to get next to nothing for fundraising for it. The night before (a Saturday) I had a good few drinks watching the football and went to bed, I woke up still wondering should I do it? I didn't want to do the last race and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the fact the rest of that day sucked quite a bit.

I messed about on the internet and was reading about the race and then I realised at the end of this race you get a medal. A medal. I haven't had a medal since I was swimming competitively in my teens. Instantly my mind was changed and I was organising my outfit and bag.

Because I drank on the Saturday night (Champions League Final baby! Wooo!), I wouldn't drive on the day of the race. So I had to organise getting buses across to Stormont. It's only 2 buses and Belfast is a small city so it's not all that far either. Time began to cut short at this point and I became ridiculously stressed. I always have shredded wheat before I run and we had no milk, Gav went to the shop and returned with bread. I normally avoid bread when it comes to running because run out of fuel half way through. I went into a stressed out mood and I couldn't find a hoodie/fleese or jacket. It was a nice enough day. So I had no choice but to go bare-armed. And I regretted that later. I was freezing, for pretty much the entire time I was out of the house.

Here's some pictures of our journey across town

In the bus


By the lagan


By the lagan


We still managed to get there early and my mood and stress levels returned to normal. Stormont!



We were in a field, and it was still really really cold.






Despite what was said, there was no water to be had before the race. I did have a bottle with me, but I would have preferred to have had another. Suppose on some level it was probably better like this seeing as during the race I really needed to pee. But to kill time I got to taking photos and being silly, seeing as stressed Sazz had went away





Yep I'm wearing two pairs of sunglasses



He's my dreamboat:



It finally go to the point where people were warming up and hearing some info



All the ladies got corralled into categories. This picture is showing that I am considered a 'runner' 'cus I can run this distance somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes! I know I like running, but it was the idea of standing by a sign that called me that that was amusing.


I can see the start line


And then I turned to my left to see Gavin was taking a few pictures of me!


Here's the pics he got




Gav also got a video of us starting, wee bit cringey.

I took a few pictures of the actual route


I tried to get pictures of every marker, but I only seen 3 of them



I did not realise we were running up this hill. It nearly killed me. I needed to pee so so sooooo much.




I liked seeing everyones back signs, it was nice to see the names that people hold dear.

Considering the big run up the hill, I was expecting a nice slope to be able to pick up my pace on. It didn't materialise.


But I did finish in 29 minutes 16seconds! (Longer time than the last run but then the last run was also a little shorter - 3miles vs 5k!)meaning my pace was 9mins 25 secs! Another personal best! Considering I didn't actually run in a month! I really do think it's got some thing to do with the fact I'm not listening to music when I'm doing it.

And here it is!
My Medal!


I got water at this point (about time) and a wee goodie bag of stuff.


We bused it back home and Gavin got me beer for reward!


Me, my beer and medal


I iced the legs to keep injuries at bay, had a bath with beer and got ready to go out for dinner afterwards. Just to the chester.


I had fajhitas. Nom nom nom


And just a final wee picture of alll my race for life stuff!


I'm glad I done it. Proud of my time, will definitely do it again next year if I can.

I can't believe how long it's taken me to get this post up. Sorry all, still very stressed with uni stuff. Don't do an MA in Sociology.


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