I'm still here.

I've had a crazy amount of emails and tweets and more emails asking where on earth am I, am I still on track, am I okay?

So this is a super super short post just to let you all know, yes, I'm fine. I'm just completely overwhelmed with uni work and my job at the minute. My dissertation is taking a lot more out of me than I originally anticipated. Currently trying to finish my research and my literature review, so posting here hasn't been a priority. I haven't been feeling too well either over the last 2 weeks either which hasn't helped.

I have put on weight, not too much, but I haven't been tracking, lack of time has made me rely heavily on convenience food. But I've got that under control for the most part this week, reflected in the fact I lost 3.5lbs this week! Still a bit to go, but I'm not worried about it and still very happy with my size and shape (most days).

Once I get this lit review and a few meetings done tomorrow I hope to be able to finish a few posts and get them up here, I do tend to draft on my phone though which has been sent back to HTC for repair so I'm currently smartphoneless. Crazy how much it is a part of me, I do feel very lost without it.

Upcoming posts are

  1. My race for life (full of pictures, a new personal record and featuring a ridiculously dramatic and shitty Sazz)

  2. A post on tracking

  3. general talk about me, where my head is at and why i love my meetings and hate the weeks (like this week) where I couldn't manage to go

  4. been emailed quite a few times for a review on something i use a lot, so figured I'd do it

So that's the plan. Hopefully I can get back on top of my uni work so I can return to run things like this blog.


Thnks for all the wee emails, good to know people are missing me :)

Sarah xx


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