Weighing in & looking into next week.

Goodness, this will be the second post within a week, I didn't think I would be wanting to write again yet here we are.

I had my weigh in this week, and I must say, I was very pleased with the results. I worked very hard and was expecting a loss, I was hoping between a pound and 2lb loss. So the happiness when I stood on the scales and found a 3.5lbs loss was... well great!
That was the first full week in what feels like years that I was entirely in control.

I set myself rules,
  1. I tracked everything before I ate it. Which is made so much easier by a fully functioning weightwatchers app for android.
  2. I set a minimum of three activity propoints a day I had to earn.
  3. I organised walks with friends and family so I had no choice but do them, too often I promise myself I am going to do work and I don't. I enjoyed the company and the exercise.
  4. I need to be strict with myself so I switched my plan that I have to use my activity points before weekly points. This way, if I want to go over daily budget, I know I have to work for them.
And it worked! I took this screen-shot on my phone on Monday night (my week resets at weigh in on a Tuesday morning)


I am so pleased I managed to not dip into my weekly points, and it was worth it! I have been gaining and losing this last 2lbs for too many weeks. Hopefully I have broke this, and will manage to keep it off.
 So this week I am trying to do the same over again.

Although my activity level isn't as high as it was last week, to date I have still managed to earn 13 activity points (and I haven't dipped into them yet). I'm going to (hopefully) do some yoga later and cycle for a while, but I want to talk about my exercise in a different post. This post is just a recap on my week and looking into the next one.

I've been putting pictures of various dinners up on my instagram account, so if you follow me there you probably have seen these already, but here are some of the dinners I managed to photograph before munching.

I made a roast for dinner. I never ever do this. If I ever take a notion for it I go to my mammys. #wwfooddiary #13pp #weightwatchers

Roast dinners are normally too bland for me (worst Irish person ever), and any time I take a notion for one I normally head down to my mammy's house. But I took a notion for Turkey and decided to do the rest. This entire plate was just 12propoints, what you cannot see is the spicy gravy that me and Gav make (think regular gravy loaded with Tabasco and crushed chillies). It was delicious, even if I did make the batter for Yorkshire puddings then forget to actually cook them.

Homemade spicy beefburger. 9pp but worth it. #wwfooddiary #weightwatchers

This is a kind of house speciality and I think one of Gav's preferred dinners, our home made beef burgers, again nothing too bland because I am a great lover of spice, our mix for this includes tobasco, piri piri spice, crushed chilli flakes, along with whatever other spices I have in the cupboard that day. Served with a bran topped wholemeal bap, salad, a tiny amount of cheese and ketchup. Always a winner.

Tonight's dinner. Chicken fakitas #favdinners #8pp #wwfooddiary

I know I have said this before but I love fajitas, there is just something about them that I adore and it has to be one of my favourite dinners. Veggie or chicken being the absolute best in my eyes. These ones were a flour tortilla, hot salsa, mixed salad, chicken, peppers, onions, scallions, garlic and whole chillies, and of course powdered spice mix. I could very easily eat this everyday but I try not to.

I said in my last post I want to mix up my dinners a bit, but so far I haven't really. I got myself a slow cooker so I am hoping to be able to use that for something good. I have had it nearly two weeks and it still hasn't been used. Hopefully this weekend, if anyone has a nice recipe please feel free to send it my way :-)


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