Foodie Friday, and being positive.

This week I lost a pound and three quarters, bringing the total since I have rejoined to 5 and 3/4. Not much considering how many weeks I've been rejoined, but good when I consider that's 3 full weeks of actively trying and actually sticking on plan.

It could have been more but I didn't do as much exercise as I should have (story of my life at the minute). I would say this week I want to work on that, but by the time I have got round to writing this it is Friday and I'm pretty much at the half way point of my weightwatchers week.

I've decide to focus on what I've been doing that is good, because I have been losing, and if I focus on what I need to change at this rate I will get overwhelmed and give up.

I have been exceptionally organised these last few weeks. I have myself into a routine where I am ensuring I have a healthy packed lunch for going into work and I go for a 40 minute walk at lunch time. And I've kept small point snacks in my drawer at work to make sure I am not tempted to walk over to the sweetie table (yeah people who work in offices love their cake don't they? But more of that in another post).

7 propoint turkey salad sandwich lunch (other half of sandwich was munched when picture was taken)

This is one of my favourite breakfasts, I'm a sucker for Greek yogurt and it's easy enough to take into work. This was taken in my tea room this morning though.

4pp breakfast, greek yogurt, granola, apple and black americano

I've mostly kept carrot sticks, grapes and cherry tomatoes as snacks this week (all favourites).

zero hero snack
And Gavin came up with this marvellous idea, a sea food paella. Made with mussels, king prawns with chilli and garlic and coriander and frozen veg it was a beautiful meal. And for only 8pp for this big bowl it will soon take up residence as one of the house specialities. Yum yum.

8pp seafood paella, prawns and mussels.

And Gav brought this home. I love garlic, I'm a total garlic fiend and when this is in the fridge I am a very happy lady and I got thinking how much I love weightwatchers and the fact that nothing is out of bounds. 30g of this is 3pp. Now that is 3pp well used in my opinion.

3pp for 30grams. Love weightwatchers, little bit of what you fancy

sparkling water.

Oh but my organising was not limited to being at work and home. I went to the cinema and was prepared enough to bring these in my bag. 5propoints to eat should I want it - I didn't, I just drank my juice, but it was great to know I had something completely pointed in my bag should I want it. Speaking of which, you should go and see The Croods, it was hilarious and left me really wanting a sabre-toothed chunky kitty cat.

Organised 5pp cinema trip junk food.

And just because soon I won't be walking in this area any more I wanted to post a picture, this is my favourite stretch of path on one of my walks.


Being organised is always my key to success, and with that portion control.
I have pointed everything to pass my lips before I eat it, I have managed to do some sort of exercise every day and my water intake has improved.

Keeping positive is the way to do this and so far, I feel great.


  1. I'm terrible at being organised I have to admit. But seems its something I clearly need to work on. I love making my own garlic mayo. Use extra light mayo & crush a garlic.

    1. I am naturally very organised but when it comes to this i get so lazy at times.

      I used to love making my own! Mostly because I could control just how garlicky it was. I will have to pick up some extra light mayo this week. Thanks for the reminder!


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