Could this week be *the* week?

In my last entry I had had enough of the yo-yoing, I had had enough of getting absolutely no where so I gave myself some aims for the week:

  • Pre-tracking, when I do it I manage to keep control of my points much easier and normally have a few spare on the evening as a treat

  • Stop having as many treats, I've found a lot of my treats have become threats (stolen those terms from this weeks meetings) and I want to stop having as many edible - or drinkable treats. I think I'll go back to getting new nailpolish, earrings or clothes as my treats. Screw the wine.

  • Exercise, my exercise routine has also became very, very lax. My running abilities have went back to beginner, and although I have my new bike I don't have the confidence to take it on the road yet - I also need to get a chain and lock for it. Basically all I do now is walk, and with the shit weather we've been having I'm really not up for that. So my aim is to have 30 minutes of something a day, be it a walk, run, cycle, shred or yoga on rest days.

  • I use the WW diary app on my android phone, and I love it, it's so handy and means I don't have to carry my folder with me everywhere, but I'm going to track before I eat, silly I know, but if I have the time to eat it, I have the time to record it first.

I also mentioned that I did not want to be drinking wine the way I have been, and last week I did each of these things.

I pretracked near enough every day and pretty much stuck to it, obviously allowing a wee bit of change depending on my tastes. I tracked every little thing that I ate on my phone and then each evening I physically wrote it into my tracker, highlighting all my filling foods. It's always so satisfying having a tracker totally full and highlighted.


I cut down the treats to try and make them treats again, rather than just a bit of chocolate at the end of every day, I only had them on a day I exercised and I allowed them to only be part of my points of that day. As a side note,something I really meant to make a post about last week was the #30in30 I'm part off, it's a simple (yet genius) concept thought up by ilostanotherme, there are 30 days in November, each day do 30 minutes of exercise. And 15 days in I've managed to be still at it! Every day there has been a walk, run, cycle or gym routine done and I got to say, I feel great for it. Here's some pictures from when i walked to work one morning last week (for an early start, would normally get a bus).



I made good decisions, even when out in town with the brilliant boyfriend, I chose the yummy baked potato from spud you like instead of my veggie bean burger that tempts me every time someone I know goes for a burger king.


I've totallly cut out my wine intake, it is now only for a special occasion, so I'm not touching it until I go over to England in a few weeks or maybe the day I hit goal. We'll see. Anytime I've wanted to have a drink I've went for the vodka and a diet mixer.

And it all paid off! In my last weigh-in I managed to lose 3lbs! Which places me at 59.5 lbs lost in total and 0.5lbs to goal.

I've never ever been this close and this week I've tried hard to be good, though honestly it's been very difficult. You'd think it would be easy with something so big infront of me, but I've been tempted by so much so easily. But I'm feeling positive, and if I don't hit goal tomorrow at my weigh-in, I'll just hit it next week.

That's really all I have to say, though I swear there will be an entry tomorrow even if by mobile talking about my weigh-in. Until then, here's some pictures of various lunches and dinners I've had over the week. Nom.










See you tomorrow!

Sarah xx


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