My Behaviours needs adjusted.

I have had the most ridiculous week ever. And I paid for it by putting on weight this week. I only had 1lb to make it to my goal and I've sabotaged it again and put on 2.5lbs.

I seriously have no idea what on earth is wrong with me. I've become way too comfortable with the program to the point where it's not working. Now to be fair it's all good for practice for maintenance, but I'm getting so frustrated that I'm so close and then I mess it up. And there's no point in really going on about what I want to do here because half the time I'm just not sticking to it! But I'm going to try and change my bad behaviours this week.

I think one of the big things this week (other than Halloween, which I adore) has been my alcohol intake, it's gotten absolutely ridiculous, and I don't know why. So I'm going to knock that on the head and put away all the wine I have into my globe bar and if I do have to drink this week (can't see this happening, but I'm going to plan in case it does) I'll go to the vodka and fanta zero.

I did have a lot of sweets and buns and all things bold this week but I think that was my own fault for having them in the house so they're all going away and thankfully the only crisps we have in the house now are walkers, I'm not a big crisp person, but if there's tayto about I'll be a greedy shite. While walkers crisps are horrible, so Gavin can much them all by himself!

Another thing that has really tempted me this week was a box of sweets that have just appeared in my work, a big box of celebrations, and there really is no 'just having one', so my plan of action when it comes to them is having gum or mints instead. I can't just have one.

My hopes for the week are:

  • Pre-tracking, when I do it I manage to keep control of my points much easier and normally have a few spare on the evening as a treat

  • Stop having as many treats, I've found a lot of my treats have become threats (stolen those terms from this weeks meetings) and I want to stop having as many edible - or drinkable treats. I think I'll go back to getting new nailpolish, earrings or clothes as my treats. Screw the wine.

  • Exercise, my exercise routine has also became very, very lax. My running abilities have went back to beginner, and although I have my new bike I don't have the confidence to take it on the road yet - I also need to get a chain and lock for it. Basically all I do now is walk, and with the shit weather we've been having I'm really not up for that. So my aim is to have 30 minutes of something a day, be it a walk, run, cycle, shred or yoga on rest days.

  • I use the WW diary app on my android phone, and I love it, it's so handy and means I don't have to carry my folder with me everywhere, but I'm going to track before I eat, silly I know, but if I have the time to eat it, I have the time to record it first.


I did want to stick in some Halloween pictures this week but I can't as my SD card became corrupt yesterday and everything is gone. Which is really, really crap considering how awesome I looked in costume. But sure I'll dress up again I'm sure and stick them in at some point.

The only other thing I want to mention in this is the new weightwatchers plan, I hadn't heard of this at all until this morning in my meeting, and all I know is that my leader has managed to lose 6lbs on it in a month but there are confidentiality clauses that they can't speak about it until December. I almost wish my leader hadn't said anything about the new plan that is being rolled out in January (in Northern Ireland) because now I'm way too fascinated with it, I want the new plan to play with and maybe refocus me to get rid of the last few pounds.

Now I did look it up, found an article in the Belfast Telegraph which I have been told is grossly misinformed so I won't even link it here, but to be fair, reading it I think I gathered that instantly (pure trash). Once it was mentioned there was a murmer of a fear that the plan may become a bit like a rival group (that will remain unmentioned) across my meeting, but I emailed a lady I know who is a weightwatchers leader who just rang me to put my mind at ease.  Although she didn't give me the slightest hint at what the program entails (sigh), in the new weightwatchers magazine, which is due out shortly, it will in all likeliness be mentioned, it isn't too far removed from the current point plan, from what I gather it looks like it's taking elements of the US plan and changing how we calculate the points and how many we can have in a day / week to make a more up to date plan.

One thing that made me smile is that it's going to be an easier plan for living, afterall, it's not a diet, it is a lifestyle change and above all, she stressed, that with the telegraphs article don't believe what you read in that, it was grossly misinformed and as I know myself, with weightwatchers, no food or drink is a sin, or will they ever be. I'm right and excited for it. though I'm hoping I will be at goal and therefore will only be using the maintenance aspects of it.

I shall try be good this week. I think I'm also going to make more use out of my @redrunner182 twitter account to voice things that I should blog about but don't have the time to at the minute.


Til next time,




As and afterthought:

I seriously hope none of you on other weight management plans take any offence to my blithering, weightwatchers works for me where no other has, I mean I've lost nearly 60lbs in seven months, the bulk of that in the first five, and I'm a firm believer that as long as your plan works for you, then stick to it :) 


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