As you know, I got introduced to propoints in last weeks class. And this week I was counting them. This post will compile mostly more impressions I've got, plus some pictures. I must say though, I'm impressed. I went to my weigh in this morning and found out I lost a pound! A lot better than I expected seeing as the only activity I clocked up this week was walking, to work and to uni, and at that it was only 9 points worth, which sounds reasonably impressive, but with the new propoints system, the activity propoints are a lot easier to accumulate.

Anyway, starting with last Tuesday. Me and Gavin had some friends over for a dominos night which consisted of, surprise surprise, dominos!



And chocolate!


I went into work on the Wednesday, a little hung over, still full of pizza to be told of my works newest gimmick. We're making weightwatchers soup. Is exactly what it says, home made from scratch. And really yummy too!


I also hit poundland this week, because it's been a while, and I wanted to see if they have any new nice munchies, and they did. These are new, and odd, but in a yummy way. You should really try them if you can, and if you don't like them, send the rest of them my way!


I spent the entire week tracking everything I ate. And I ate a lot.

I didn't actually change what I normally eat though. I thought the new propoint system would have me re-evaluate a lot of my choices. But I realised it didn't. On the discover plan I would have had my apple and yogurt for breakfast for one point. This week I have the same, just with one propoint this time. My porridge with my banana worked out to be the same in propoints as it is in 'normal discovery' points. If anything the new pro-points system has made me happier and more confident with the food choices I make. I still ate all my meals the way I used to, it all fitted into the daily point plan, then I was allowed to eat the glorious weekly points!!! So to be fair, I had way more treats than normal (see the above pictures of my Dominos pizza. Though I stress mine was a thin base with low fat cheese and a load of veg and chillis).

On to this weeks meeting! There's been loads of people in my class this last two weeks. And I got to say I love the fact that there is so many, old and new, and I loved the buzz once everyone was weighed in this week. Jackie (my awesome leader) I think said in my group alone we'd lost lost over 7 stone together collectively. And see hearing those that last week were sceptical about propoints raving about their losses. It made me squee a little. I also adored the fact that there were three different women all eating bananas in the class, and two eating apples around me. Normally I see them eat their newly purchased toffee bars (which don't get me wrong, are a staple in my own plan) or crisp like snacks, but it was so good to see people embrace what is good for them!
I love that there are so many staying for the actual talk, because they are so beneficial and a brilliant motivational aid for weeks that you just don't feel so good.
And I generally just like sitting in the room, surrounded by people who want to get healthy - even if they don't realise it themselves yet.

I was itching for my meeting, if possible, more than usual, and that's because a week of using the cardboard propoint finder, I was ready for ripping it up. None of the apps on my phone seem to be accurate and for some reason I can't seem to locate the official android weightwatchers propoints calculator on the android market. So I had no choice but to invest in the calculator.


Another gadget to carry around... that brings my total to a phone, two ipods and a calculator. I do love technology, I do want one of the propoint pedometers, but I don't think i have the funds for that, especially with losing hours in work. The calculator is quite good though, I can't compare it to the last one, because I never had that. But it is, as you would expect being official, very accurate and can save your points for the day as you go along which I found surprising. The buttons are odd, and you really have to press on them, especially if something has a decimal point in its values. But I'm not sure if that's just because I'm used to touch screens with my gadgets?

Something I've argued about all week with people on twitter and 'real life people' and I have to mention here is your daily points allowance. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm lecturing, but it's something that I think needs to be clarified. 29 is the minimum amount of propoints you should be eating a day. You should not be eating under it, I have talked to my leader about it and I agree with her where we think those who are under-eating must be abusing the free fruit, but 29 is the minimum amount you should be eating in order to lose weight in a healthy manner. You can still eat your 29, or more if you're on it, and all your weekly points, and still lose weight. Don't deny yourself food, there is a minimum for a reason. Make sure you meet it, and enjoy it!

Now as I said earlier, activity wise I only clocked up walking activity throughout this week. I ate all of my daily points (because you are meant to) ate all my weekly points - bar 3, and I still lost weight! 1lb to be precise!

After one week, I love propoints, and after a day of using my new calculator I must say, I love them more. I really, really was ready to rip up that cardboard wheel.

My aims for this week is to be active, I know I said that last week but I was very stressed out trying to get my MA proposal in for Monday just there, so my time was being sucked up by that. This week I have another large piece of work due but I hope I'm a little bit more organised, so hope to fit something in. I really want to do a class, for a long while I was debating in getting back to netball, but I think I'll bode better with something a little less competitive (I'm worse than Monica out of friends, I am one of the most fiercely competitive people you will ever come across) so I'm looking into some fun classes, preferably in Belfast City Center or North Belfast, I think if I habe a class to attend every week I'll be more likely to actually do it.
I also hope to continue my tracking this week. Everything that I try, I track. It's the only way to lose. I'm hoping to lose at least 1lb this week to bring me back to my goal weight, then I'll start to work out how many propoints I should be eating for maintenance.

Perhaps will try get another post in this week, we'll see how it goes.
Til next time
Sarah xxx

PS. I love how many readers have gotten in touch with me this week, do get in contact, I like talking to people about weightwatchers / weightloss, hearing your stories and offering support! We can do it! Group support is the only way to do anything!


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