Pro-points - first impressions.

Today was my first weightwatchers meeting of 2011, and my first meeting since the 14th December when we closed up over the christmas break and I can't begin to tell you how excited I was for getting back! I was up bright and early and was (no surprises) the first one at my meeting, don't think I have the patience to watch others have get weighed before me haha. I got weighed, took some pictures of my actual meeting hall before I made a cup of coffee and sat to pour over my new folder.




It's a bigger file than my last one, but I like the design. This is the contents of it:



The meeting itself was bunged, the rows four deep where they are normally two, I think that was because people actually stayed to have the program explained, plus I imagine there are a lot of new members / 'resolutioners'. My brilliant leader Jackie was just that, brilliant. She went through the start book, generally explaining what the new program is about, how it's changed, and how to calculate new the new propoints. I won't explain the plan because if you're reading this you probably already have your new plan or will be getting it in the next week.

I just want to share my inital reactions to the plan. The first being totally overwhelmed by it, but of course excited. I have, today, had a sit down and a long read through everything, the start and enjoy were both good books, the enjoy having some yummy looking recipes. But the pocket guide is brilliant, better than anything I've had for the previous plan and will no doubt be a permanent fixture in my handbag over the next few weeks.

The tracker itself has changed too. it will take a while to get used to, and I wish it had a little option for recording my activity points each day, but I suppose I'll just have to find a nice neat place to record it myself.

The comments I heard around me today were not all as hopeful as I hoped they might, there is no longer a self picked formula to find out how many points you are allowed, instead you just have to trust your leader and it was interesting to see how most people were freaking that they were all on the same amount of daily points at the minute (29) despite their different ages, weights and activity levels. One lady I don't think wants to change plans at all which in my head is silly, weightwatchers wouldn't have changed the plan if it wasn't better for you and gave at least the same if not better results? I am, of course, all for the change, the trekkie in me screams resistance is futile! And I'm sure everyone will eventually make the switch.

Interesting observation is that there appears to be no half points in the program. Obviously this is down to rounding, but I find it interesting. A bottle of white wine is no longer the 9 points I would happily give, now it is 20. yep. 20. Thank goodness we get more daily points and the weekly points too!!!

Fruit is, of course, free. But remember to portion control because it's still calories!!! If you don't portion control your zero foods you will put on, I know, I've done it. besides, eating extreme amounts really can't be good for you can it? The nutritional values of the food we eat hasn't changed, it's just how we count it! A lady who sits near me in the meeting said she can't wait to get home and start to abuse the fruit. Really? I bit my lip at the time, but if you abuse anything that's not healthy. That's how you wound up at weightwatchers in the first place, but hopefully she'll realise that herself in the next while.

You also can not at all mesh the two plans together, but who'd want to when this new one is so obviously elite in comparison? I mean a plan that actively encourages you to pick the banana over their own brand of toffee bar is, in my eyes, beyond awesome!

Something I totally love is (in the pocket guide) the new chart for working out how many activity points you have worked out. It's so simple compared to the last program! And no wee silly slider for me to damage with overuse! (for the activity points anyway.)

Of course it isn't all rainbows, I'm not too keen on the new points finder, I really don't seem to fare too well with slidey twisty contraptions, I also liked how with the last points finder I was able to have one photocopied for the fridge at home and in work plus the original in my file and don't think I'll manage to do that this time. But then I do have my beloved phone on the android platform. Problem is, now that I've sat and played with it for a few hours, none of the apps I have downloaded from the android market place have consistantly been accurate on the new plan, I know because it is new, it will take some time to iron out the creases in the formulas. But to my awareness if I do the esource option online I can get access to an offical app on the market place, plus all the other goodies on the site. So I'm giving some serious thought to that.

I think that's all the thoughts I have right now, I'm really looking forward to the next week, learning all my new propoint values and recording them and generally making better decisions! Feeling like a new member again! I'm also, finally back running. Week one of #c25k, easing myself back in, positive there will be no injuries this year and I will listen to my body when it wants rest instead of pushing it where it doesn't want to go!

So finishing up: Expect more thoughts on this in the coming weeks and Welcome Pro-Points! I love you already!!!

Sarah xx


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