Inspiration. This is something I have really been lacking in this last long while. I am good for a few weeks, but then I let something slip and then it all slips. It wasn't always like this with me, I used to be so good at it. Learning from mistakes and moving on.
I obviously never actually learned from my mistakes though as I have the bulk of my weight loss all back on again.

And it actually came as a bit of a surprise because I stopped weighing myself and never really realised how big I was getting, until, on a whim I decided to step back on the scales again. And the number frightened me, I did so well before!How did I let this happen again?

Well I know that answer, I let bad habits creep back in. I forgot about weight watchers and I just comfort ate, and I stopped exercising all together. Basically I reverted back to old me.

But for the last few weeks I have been getting back into the swing of things, trying to track and increase my activity, and so far it has worked. yesterday I hit my first new mini goal. Half a stone! Yay, (actually 8.5lbs). Which was amazing considering last week involved me having a domino's pizza, going out for an indian and consuming a bottle of wine.

I have a few blog posts drafted and some scheduled so for now I'm back to blogging. But we know that might not stick for long.

I have been looking for inspiration, failing to find it in the magazine (a post on that later) and the sites for the most part. Then I started to read back at my own story, look at my own photos and feel great. I did do this before, it wasn't that difficult, and if I did it once, I can do it again.

As always, here is some pictures. (taken with the flickr app, seriously shocked at how little people use flickr. )

inspiration blog post

I just ate that, christ knows how many points. I am guessing about 25? Taking it from my weekly points.

inspiration blog post

Adore these, three points each, well worth it.

inspiration blog post

There is only 8 propoints in a 750ml bottle of Shloer. Yum yum and (according to the website) 4 bottles of becks blue is only 2 propoints! 2 propoints and no hangover! Win!


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