The Weightwatchers Android App, part 2

The Weightwatchers app for android came out in September, I did a quick review of it then, you can find it here. Since then there has been one update.

It is truly awful. I have three android devices. Only two of which I use every day, my tablet runing android 2.4 (I think) and my phone, running 4.04.

The app is still not available on my tablet (which is budget range and thinks that it is a phone, not  tablet).

Despite many, many bugs, all of which have had reports sent off and an email to the developer, a third update has never occurred, making the app, really, a total waste of memory on my phone.
Now it does not even open. I just get the error message "weightwatchers has stopped," which is extremely frustrating when you think about how much you subscribe for and how it just does not work.

What I have noticed recently on the google play store is that:

The Weight Watchers Android app is officially supported on smartphones running the following version of the Android operating system: 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.0 (Honeycomb)
The app does not officially support operating system 4.0
So that's awesome, I spend years with a basic android handset which can't get the calculator. Then I manage to upgrade my phone and I can't get the new app because my phone is too new? Really weight watchers? You are losing marks here.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled as advised but that hasn't made any difference to the apps performance. Regardless if it is saved to either the phone or the SD card, it still does not work. I sometimes am lucky enough to be able to log in, but I have not been able to track or use the app for anything at all since that first fortnight.

Last time I was able to give a few screen shots of the app in action, but I can not even get that far sadly. So, if possible it has gotten worse.
Last time it got a 2 out of 5, this time, I would give it a zero.

If you are looking to join weightwatchers online due to the fact that it has an android app available, don't. You will only get angry at yourself for wasting your money. If however you will have access to the main website, by all means go for it. It is a brilliant site, with brilliant and helpful features.

(Hate that I have to say this, but not a sponsored post.)


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